Bustling Ballard Food Bank | Women exiting Seattle leadership | Undocumented & essential

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Wa Na Wari sparks creativity, provides a place to gather, belong & innovate

Wa Na Wari

"Wa Na Wari means home." As gentrification took hold in Seattle’s Central District, long-time community members lost the physical spaces that inspired “innovation, creativity, and solidarity.” They brought one back in Wa Na Wari. The house is full of artists, activists, and neighbors who want creative solutions to inequity and displacement.

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Ballard Food Bank proves there’s enough to go around

Ballard Food Bank

In the last year, demand at food banks - including services like food delivery, mail pickup, and weekend meals for kids - has been higher than ever. New waves of volunteers and clients appeared at Ballard Food Bank’s doors where respect, generosity, and empathy are in abundance.

Comfort Food

City Inside/Out looks at programs supporting immigrant essential workers

Brian Callanan on Seattle Channel

The COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging many disadvantaged communities, including undocumented immigrants living in the shadows. Here in Washington state, there are more than a quarter-million undocumented workers, many employed as essential workers during the pandemic. They have not received federal stimulus checks or unemployment insurance due to their immigration status, even though they pay taxes. But state lawmakers are looking to change that.

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So you voted...now what?

Panelists discuss ways to be engaged with local politics

Upon learning that only 16 percent of respondents in a recent survey believe they’ve got a grip on local politics, The Evergrey gathered a democracy dream team of leaders to help Seattleites learn more about local politics and get involved.


In the Shadows of Colonialism

A slide from the In the Shadows of Colonialism talk

Historian Tracy Lai debunks the “model minority” myth about Asian Americans in this first entry in the series Understanding History. She explains the ways in which power and manipulation created obstacles for people of Asian descent across the globe, and history’s role in decolonizing the “Orient.”

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Why are women leaving leadership in Seattle?

Carmen Best, Mayor Jenny Durkan, and Superintendent Denise Juneau

Former Police Chief Carmen Best and soon-to-be-former Mayor Jenny Durkan and Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Denise Juneau speak out about what it took to achieve and maintain a leadership role in Seattle and ultimately, what made them choose to leave.

The Conversation