Black History Month in music | Aging gracefully at the zoo | Photos that defined 2020

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Aging gracefully at Woodland Park Zoo 🐧

Mr. C the penguin at Woodland Park Zoo

Penguin physical therapy, rabbit acupuncture, and ADA-compliant orangutan habitats; Woodland Park Zoo thanks advanced medical treatments for its thriving senior citizen population. Some procedures, like Vip the gorilla’s emergency hernia surgery, are performed by doctors from the University of Washington.

Young at Heart

Video Bebop celebrates Black History Month

February Video Bebop celebrates Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month with the latest episode of our favorite music video show! Video Bebop highlights local Black musical artists and talks Black icons throughout history––including Eva and Cedric’s own grandfather!

Bop on Over

Experience jazz in Seattle as part of the African American cultural diaspora

Jazz as Culture Festival logo

Jazz In The City’s 2021 Seattle Jazz As Culture Festival is hosted by Darelle Holden, a vocalist and the granddaughter of Seattle pioneer Oscar Holden. Enjoy incredible performances and learn how jazz has played a large role in the African American cultural diaspora and how the music is instrumental in Seattle’s art scene today.

All That Jazz

"The State of Our Democracy" Part One: What's the future of the GOP?

Civic Cocktail: Future of the GOP

In this first installment in a multi-part series on "The State of Our Democracy," Civic Cocktail talks with members of the Republican party about the future of the GOP. Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson and 2016 GOP nominee for Washington governor Bill Bryant share strong opinions about what they see on the road ahead.

GOP of Tomorrow?

Local organizations work to build trust in BIPOC communities

Battling COVID-19

Communities of color have suffered disproportionately in the pandemic, recording a higher percentage of cases and deaths, per capita. Those same BIPOC communities also contain a higher percentage of people who refuse both testing and the vaccine, due to previous distrust of government programs. Learn about organizations that are working to change that through education, information, and by building trust.

Earning Trust

📷 Photos that defined a historic year

Seattle Times photos of the year

Visual journalists at The Seattle Times documented the chaos and the coming together, the jubilation and the heartbreak, and the surreal in "a sea of unknown." They braved those unknown waters to bring us truth. Now they've compiled incredible photos that tell the story of the past year. Their work feels more important than ever.

Picture This