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Meet the creator of The Needling, Seattle's hilarious satirical news website

Lex Vaughn, creator of The Needling

Everything Seattle is a target in "The Needling," the city's "only real fake news." Needling creator Lex Vaughn is a serious journalist with an impressive background. But in 2018, fatigued of the hard news scene, Lex launched "The Needling." Art Zone talks with Lex about the satirical website that uses humor to look at the city and the world in a skewed and very funny way.

Space Needled

As a kid, Jamie Harrison thought writing would be a "bad way to make a living." She proved herself wrong.

Nancy Pearl with author Jamie Harrison

Author Jamie Harrison thought she’d be a cook in the Big Apple and for a while, she was. Fortunately for us though, she moved to Montana, put pen to paper, and went all in as a writer. Jamie's latest novel, “The Center of Everything” explores themes that she tells Book Lust host Nancy Pearl are a blend of autobiography and fiction.

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Homelessness help on horizon?

Homeless encampment in Ballard

President Biden has an ambitious $640 billion plan to tackle homelessness nationwide. New taxes in Seattle and King County are also paying for new homeless and affordable housing initiatives, with a new regional entity to address the growing crisis. Community pressure is mounting for local leaders to come up with lasting solutions.


Puppets, creepy dolls, goat bones & rusty saws? The quirky creativity of Adam Ende.

Adam Ende

Puppets, creepy dolls, goat bones, and rusty saws? Oh my! Drawing from his boundless energy and imagination, Adam Ende creates puppets, masks, sculptures, murals, comics, and more. Adam's spellbinding puppet shows and large-scale outdoor community-based pageants engage kids and adults alike.


Practicing alone time with Look, Listen, & Learn

Auntie Lena and Possum

We’re learning to be kind to ourselves in this chaotic era by carving out a little quiet time. Auntie Lena, Possum, and the whole Look, Listen, and Learn team share examples of how alone time can help us to relax and recenter. How do you practice alone time?

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Powerhouse music duo Tekla Waterfield & Jeff Fielder release first album

Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder

Seriously talented musicians in their own rights, the married duo Tekla Waterfield and Jeff Fielder have released their first official joint album "Trouble In Time." The 9-song LP weaves the highs and lows of 2020 into a beautiful and heartfelt listening experience. The couple performs "Better Days" and "Trouble In Time" on Art Zone.

Better Days

Off-track: Rise & fall of West Seattle's streetcar network

West Seattle streetcar line construction

Get ready for a wild ride with the history of West Seattle's streetcar network. Okay, maybe not exactly wild, but definitely more dramatic than you might think. Join Historic Seattle for a lesson that helps us understand why the city we love looks the way it does today. 

All Aboard 🚃