Puzzling pandemic pastime | Cliffs of Madrona | 1918 Flu strikes Seattle

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Putting pieces together during pandemic with popular pastime

Putting together puzzles is a favorite pandemic pastime

You've binged all your favorite shows, Zoomed with friends, sampled new recipes, and caught up on your reading, now what? For many, puzzles have provided an engaging outlet and healthy distraction. And now one local puzzle maker has seen their sales surge with the pastime gaining new popularity.

Piecing It Together

Artist Jed Dunkerley roams the "Cliffs of Madrona"

Jed Dunkerley and the Hills of Madrona

Artist Jed Dunkerley founded Neighborhood Adventure Ramble with Friends (NARF, for short). He’s on a mission to familiarize Seattleites with quirky local sites hidden in plain view, many of which are gnomes, as it turns out. We were surprised, too.

No Place Like Gnome

Seattle's 2021 funding priorities on City Inside/Out

Brian Callanan, host of City Inside/Out

Seattle leaders are days away from approving the 2021 budget that tackles the COVID-19 pandemic, homelessness emergency, and calls for racial equity and social justice reforms. Tune in to learn about city and community funding priorities on the latest City Inside/Out. 


Seattle non-profit recognized for opening doors, fighting stigma

Ginger Kwan, a community advocate

Raising an autistic son, Ginger Kwan saw firsthand the disparities in intellectual and developmental disability support for families of color. Her experiences spurred her to start the non-profit Open Doors for Multiracial Families in 2009. Now she's being recognized for her love and dedication to so many communities.

Determined & Dedicated

Jill Farris finds healing in improv

Jill Farris recovers from the hospital

In high school, Jill Farris promised herself that theatre would be part of her adulthood. It wasn’t till last year when Jill realized it would also play a key role in her recovery. She tells Art Zone's Nancy Guppy how and why improv became her passion and refuge.

Inspired By Improv

Seattle response to 1918 Flu Pandemic? Swift closures of public gatherings, stiff fines for not wearing masks

A photograph from Seattle during the 1918 flu pandemic

😷 Photos from 102 years ago show Seattle during the height of the 1918 Flu Pandemic. During the autumn outbreak, Seattle sharply curtailed public gatherings. And similar to 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, mask wearing was highly controversial. Ignoring mask mandates resulted in tickets and fines, including a steep $5 fine (equal to $86 in 2020) for spitting in public or not wearing a mask on public transport. 

Deja Flu

“What we’re seeing is an ecosystem on the precipice of collapse.” Tribes, farmers, and residents of Washington all want healthy land, water and wildlife, but historically saw different paths to that goal and counterproductively pitted themselves against each other.
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
created "Lifeblood," a breathtaking documentation of communities overcoming demonization and 'othering' for survival.

"Postponed Parade" by the prolifically talented Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns and fellow musicians

Ryan Burns performs the title track from his aptly named album “Postponed Parade” on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy. He’ll be joined by other musicians for a (virtual) live record release from Columbia City’s Royal Room on Saturday, November 28!

Jive Live

Standup comedian Barry the Bearable Bear bares all

Barry the Bear

Barry the Bearable Bear is a bit of a bummer. A hilarious bummer. Musician, writer, and artist John Osebold voices and animates the mammalian comedian.

Beary Entertaining

Preserving Seattle's Chinatown-International District

Historic photo of Seattle's Chinatown-International District

Seattle’s Chinatown-International District is central to the city’s foundation. Hear from the folks at Historic Seattle, who recently discussed the history of the neighborhood, the state of the neighborhood today, and how we can best support and maintain its diverse cultural fabric.

Explore History

Eel, Oprah, & cocktails. It’s Thanksgiving in Seattle.

Lauren Ko pies

Eating season is upon us, grab your fork and look back at these culinary features. Lauren Ko created masterpieces to pie for (even Oprah and Martha Stewart loved them), the sisters behind Seattle’s beloved Pie Bar showed Nancy Guppy the importance of a themed cocktail, and artist Drew Christie convinced us to put eel back on our Thanksgiving plates

Gobble It Up