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Election analysis & healing on Civic Cocktail

Rob McKenna, Marilyn Strickland, Pastor Don Mackenzie and Imam Jamal Rahman

One day after Americans cast their ballots in record numbers, we are joined by a prominent Democrat and Republican — Congressmember-elect Marilyn Strickland and former Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna — who share their perspectives on our divided nation. But even after the ballots are counted and winners declared, it's clear this country will remain bitterly divided. Two of the three founding members of the Interfaith Amigos —  Imam Jamal Rahman and Pastor Don Mackenzie —  admit healing will be difficult, but doable. 


The art - and the philanthropist - that shaped Seattle

Virginia "Jinny" and Bagley Wright

In the years since the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, Virginia "Jinny" and Bagley Wright helped define the "city of tomorrow" through their wide-ranging philanthropic efforts. One of their largest beneficiaries was the Seattle Art Museum. The extraordinary new exhibit "City of Tomorrow: Jinny Wright and the Art That Shaped a New Seattle" features works of modern and contemporary art that the Wrights gifted to the museum.

Shaping Seattle

Book Lust host Nancy Pearl chats with Simon Stephenson

Simon Stephenson about his new novel "Set My Heart to Five."

On this new Book Lust, Nancy Pearl talks with Simon Stephenson about his new novel "Set My Heart to Five." The story stars Jared, a robot who works as a dentist but discovers he has emotions (but he's not supposed to!), loves old movies, and has big dreams of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. Hilarity ensues.

Book It Here

Artist & tinkerer Arlo Keister's singular style

Arlo Keister

Arlo Keister grew up in a home that was ripe with creative energy. His mom was Merrily Tompkins, a visual artist, and his dad is John Keister, a local celebrity. Out of that dynamic background Arlo developed an inspiring work ethic and a marvelous and unique artistic practice.

Tinker Around

The joy of nature on Look, Listen & Learn

Look Listen and Learn

"There's always something to learn and discover when you spend time in nature!" In a new Look, Listen and Learn, Auntie Lena and Possum talk about the importance of nature, our role in keeping the earth happy and healthy, as well as what we get back! 

Take A Hike

A band is born with Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard & singer Mason Jennings

Mason Jennings and Stone Gossard

Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard and singer-songwriter Mason Jennings chat about their side project Painted Shield. Their self-titled album debuts Nov. 27.

Born To Jam

Cellist Lori Goldston enthralls with "Serenade"

Lori Goldon

Lori Goldston is a phenomenal cellist and composer with a resume that includes performing with Nirvana on their 1993 "MTV Unplugged in New York" concert. 
She delivers this riveting performance of her song "Serenade." 

Mellow To This Cello

How gold transformed Seattle

Seattle during the Gold Rush

Before Seattle was a tech town and aerospace hub, it was a city of gold! Men and women from around the world came to Seattle, the northernmost departure point in the continental US for Dawson City - heart of the Gold Rush - in the late 1890s. Learn about the events leading up to the beginning of the Klondike Stampede. ⁠

Good As Gold