Future of Seattle Police | Pop-up Dance Goes Extra Mile | Helping Kids Deal with Loneliness

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Local dance group goes the extra mile

Whim W'Him dances at Myrtle Edwards Park

How do you social distance when you are a dancer? In addition to online performances, Whim W'Him Contemporary Dance Group staged a series of outdoor pop-ups around the city. The choreographed dances, performed while traveling over a mile's distance, are satisfying for the artists and onlookers alike.

Dance It Out


The future of the Seattle Police Department on City Inside/Out

Seattle Police vehicles

After a summer of protests over police brutality and systemic racism, Seattle is at a crossroads. How will its city council and mayor resolve disagreements over the future of the Seattle Police Department? What crowd control measures and funding cuts can the public expect to see? We go one-on-one with new Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz.



It's ok to feel lonely! But here are some ideas to keep busy, active & connected

Auntie Lena and Possum talk about loneliness

Possum is feeling all the feels lately. In this Zoom call, he and Auntie Lena chat about how frustrating it is to be missing friends and family, and they come up with a few fresh ideas for coping with boredom and loneliness.

Lonely, Not Alone


AgeWise TV: flowers, herbs & sun prints

Floral design tips on AgeWise TV: Episode 112

This week on AgeWise TV, enjoy floral design tips, build an herb garden, learn to make simple sun prints, breathe into a new relaxing gentle yoga practice, and more. AgeWise TV is curated content for older adults and is a production of Pike Market Senior Center.

Smell the Roses