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July 2020

WA State COVID-19 information and resources website - including health guidance, statistics, and an assistance hotline. Available in multiple languages. 

Other City News


Public Health Seattle King County COVID-19 Information & Resources: Increased testing availability now. Anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms should get tested right away. (more)

Seattle Democracy Vouchers Outreach Fund Now Open: Fund is open to community based organizations to conduct outreach to help increase equity and diversity in Democracy Voucher usage. (more)

Four More Miles of Stay Healthy Streets Announced: New Stay Healthy Streets opening this week: Cedar Park Neighborhood Greenway, along the Wallingford Neighborhood Greenway, Bell Street between 1st and 5th avenues, and extending the Beacon Hill Stay Healthy Street south to S Lucile St. (more)

Reconnect West Seattle Survey: For everyone who lives or works in West Seattle -- a chance to let SDOT know what you need to move on and off the West Seattle peninsula at similar rates to before the High-Rise Bridge closure, but with a significant reduction in travel lanes (more)

City Awards an Additional 143 Grants to Small Businesses: The Office of Economic Development (OED) awarded an additional 143 businesses $10,000 grants from the second round of the Small Business Stabilization Fund. OED prioritized businesses located in areas of the city that are at risk of high-displacement. (more)

City of Seattle Invests $320,000 to Improve Digital Literacy and Access to Technology: Fifteen organizations will receive funding for community-led projects which aim to increase access to technology and provide digital skills training for underserved communities. (more)