Ship Canal Water Quality project update

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Dear neighbors,
This year, we haven't been able to host or attend community events as planned, so we thought it'd be nice to virtually introduce members of our team. Please meet our project managers and learn why they're passionate about this work (video), then read on for neighborhood updates.


Trucks pour concrete into slurry wall panel.

Pouring concrete to form a slurry wall panel.

Slurry wall construction continues throughout the summer. During this time, you can expect:

  • Heavy truck traffic on Shilshole Ave NW and 24th Ave NW; please pay attention to flaggers.
  • Parking restrictions along the east side of 24th Ave NW so construction trucks can exit the work site.
  • Noise and vibrations related to excavation and concrete pours.
  • Longer than normal working hours; crews will be working nights and weekends. Noise levels will be monitored.

The Office of Arts & Culture, in partnership with SPU, has local emerging artists to install temporary art at four of our construction sites. The temporary art will change throughout the next few years. Last week, a piece titled "Chaac," (below) by artists Angie Hinojos Yusuf and Carlos Jimenez was installed on our Ballard screen wall. Learn more about this piece and the others that will be installed soon.

Photo showing temporary art installed on the Ballard screen wall.

East Ballard

Diagram showing traffic impacts in East Ballard

Crews are removing asphalt, paving, utilities and sidewalk to prepare the work site for soil stabilization.

Through the end of August, you should anticipate:

  • NW 45th St to be closed to westbound traffic; westbound vehicles must detour onto NW 46th St.
  • NW 45th St will allow eastbound traffic to travel in westbound lane.
  • 11th Ave NW will allow two-way traffic via one lane controlled by flaggers during work hours and an electronic signal overnight.
  • The Burke-Gilman Trail detoured to the north side of NW 45th St between 9th and 11th Avenues NW.
  • Noise and vibrations typical of a construction site.

See anticipated traffic impacts through 2022 on our website.


Diagram showing Fremont traffic impacts.

Over the next few weeks, crews will set up the worksite in NW 36th St and install the water treatment system.

You should anticipate:

  • NW 36th St between Leary Way NW and 3rd Ave NW to close for the remainder of the project (see blue hatched area on map).
  • NW 39th St to be reduced to one lane for a few weeks west of Leary Way NW (see red rectangle on map). Two-way traffic will be maintained by flaggers and a uniformed police officer during work hours. 
  • Pedestrians will be detoured to the north side of Leary Way NW (see orange dashed line on map).
  • Noise and vibrations typical of a construction site.


Crews will begin soil remediation at our Wallingford site as early as mid-August. We will send more information via our listserv and in mailings to adjacent neighbors toward the end of the month. To learn more about the Wallingford site, please visit our website.

Queen Anne

Crews will set up our work site as early as today near West Ewing Mini Park. In our last update, we mentioned a proposed Ship Canal Trail detour route. We heard concerns from several community members about this detour and are investigating other options with our contractor. At this time, the trail will remain open without a detour until further notice. We will update our website and send a listserv message when new detour information is available. In the meantime, you can anticipate the following impacts:

  • The West Ewing Mini Park parking lot to be closed. This closure is anticipated to last through mid-2023.
  • Tree removal taking place near the trail. Please use caution. Flaggers will be present to assist trails users if needed.
  • Noise and vibrations typical of a construction site.
  • Equipment being staged in the area.

Contact us

Please email with questions or comments or call (206) 701-0233. You can also find information online at


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