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Dear neighbors,
We're moving to north Queen Anne this month and will begin detouring the Burke-Gilman Trail in East Ballard (by Fred Meyer). Read on for more details.


Aerial view of the Ballard construction site

Aerial view of slurry wall construction in Ballard

Slurry wall construction continues at our Ballard site. We've excavated and poured concrete for several primary panels, and this work will continue throughout the summer.

During this time, you can expect:

  • Heavy truck traffic on Shilshole Ave NW and 24th Ave NW; please pay attention to flaggers.
  • Parking restrictions along the east side of 24th Ave NW so construction trucks can exit the work site.
  • Noise and vibrations related to excavation and concrete pours.
  • Longer than normal working hours when pouring the remaining concrete panels.

Check out this short video to learn more about the equipment on our Ballard construction site.

East Ballard

Construction on 11th Ave NW and NW 45th St (near Fred Meyer) is underway. This week, crews will pour asphalt to create the two-way Burke-Gilman Trail detour on the north side of NW 45th St. The detour could start as early next week. Additionally, over the next few weeks, the contractor will set up their work area in the eastbound lane of NW 45th St and 11th Ave NW to prepare for soil stabilization work. This work includes removing the sidewalk on the south side of NW 45th St and diverting traffic onto the west shoulder of 11th Ave NW.

Soil stabilization is a construction technique in which unconsolidated, loose soil is strengthened to prepare for underground construction. During soil stabilization, the contractor may inject different materials into the soil to make the consistency better able to handle heavy equipment and excavation.

Map of East Ballard showing first work zone and traffic control

Over the next few weeks, you should anticipate:

  • Closure of the eastbound lane of NW 45th St between 9th and 11th Avenues NW 24/7. Eastbound traffic will be directed to use the westbound travel lane. Westbound traffic will be detoured onto NW 46th St. Please pay attention to flaggers and signage on site. 
  • 11th Ave NW, north of Fred Meyer's driveway, will be reduced to one lane with two-way traffic. During the day, two-way traffic will be maintained by flaggers on site. In the evening, electronic signals will be used to direct traffic.
  • A detour of the Burke-Gilman Trail to the north side of NW 45th St. Two-way bike traffic will be maintained. Bicyclists and pedestrians will be directed to cross NW 45th St NW at 90-degree angles at 11th Ave NW and 9th Ave NW. Flaggers will be on site to direct traffic during daytime work hours. In the evening, traffic will be directed by electronic signals in the intersections. Please use caution. Bicyclists should cross the railroad tracks slowly and at 90-degree angles.
  • Noise and vibrations typical of a construction site.


Preparation of the worksite near NW 36th St and 2nd Ave NW continues. For the past few weeks, crews have been setting up the work area, removing shrubs and mobilizing equipment. In the next few weeks, crews will:

  • Remove an existing sidewalk and some utilities on NW 36th St.
  • Install stormwater control and soil monitoring equipment.
  • Remove existing asphalt.
  • Install a temporary storm drain bypass.

Over the next few weeks, you should anticipate:

  • NW 36th St between Leary Way NW and 3rd Ave NW to remain closed (for the duration of the project).
  • Noise and vibrations related typical of a construction site.


Construction of the 12-ft screen wall is complete! As a reminder, additional construction activities are slated to begin at this site in August. 

We'll send more information about upcoming activities in Wallingford once we're closer to re-mobilization. To learn more about the Wallingford site, please visit our website.

Queen Anne

Map of Queen Anne showing construction work zones near West Ewing Mini Park

The red area shown in the above map outlines the approximate work area that will be used in 2020. The contractor is anticipated to expand to the blue zone in 2021.

Construction in north Queen Anne will begin as early as July 20 near West Ewing Mini Park! For the first few weeks, crews will:

  • Remove trees onsite
  • Set up construction fencing
  • Remove wheel stops and bollards
  • Install stormwater control and soil monitoring equipment
  • Re-route the Ship Canal Trail
Map showing Ship Canal Trail detour onto W Cremona St

.Beginning July 20, you should anticipate:

  • The West Ewing Mini Park parking lot to be closed. This closure is anticipated to last through mid-2023.
  • The Ship Canal Trail to be detoured onto 3rd Ave W, W Nickerson St and W Cremona St through mid-2023. See above map.
  • Noise and vibrations typical of a construction site.
  • Equipment being staged in the area.

COVID-19 construction update

At the City of Seattle, we are continuing to follow guidance from federal, state, and local leaders and our public health partners regarding COVID-19. 

Seattle Public Utilities is continuing with essential public works projects to the greatest extent practicable during these times. The health and safety of our workers and the public is our first priority. Our contractors have updated their Health and Safety Plans to incorporate best management practices with respect to COVID-19 throughout our construction work sites. If a situation arises where a contractor is unable to maintain these practices on a work site, or the Governor orders that public works projects must stop, the contractor shall temporarily suspend work until the work can be performed safely and legally. 

We will notify you if there are any changes to the project schedule or planned work.

You can learn more about COVID-19 at 

Additional community resources can be found at 

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