Art Zone "phones it in" | Get Moving with Parks & Rec | Learning to love yourself

Need some art in your home? Art Zone phones it in

Nancy Guppy of Art Zone

Art Zone with Nancy Guppy has temporarily morphed into "Art Zone Phones It In," a low-tech scrappy version filmed in Nancy’s condo. This debut installment features the talented Chris Ballew singing “Roly Poly Buggy Ball,” an interview with Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture Director Randy Engstrom, and suggestions on how to support artists and engage with art right now — at a distance. 

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U.S. Army deploying a field hospital at CenturyLink Field Events Center

Soldiers arrive to begin setting up a field hospital

"We are at the start of a marathon, this is not a sprint." Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, along with other local and state leaders, welcomed the U.S. Army and FEMA last weekend as they begin to set up a field hospital at CenturyLink Field Events Center. The facility plans to treat non-COVID-19 cases, in order to reduce the burden on local healthcare facilities.

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Kids show talks about learning to love your unique self

Auntie Lena and Possum from Look, Listen & Learn

When Possum feels down about how he is different from his classmates, Auntie Lena and friends talk about loving yourself. On this episode of Look, Listen & Learn, learn some ways to think about how we're all unique and perfect just the way we are. Give yourself a hug and say "I am enough!"

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Get moving with these fitness videos from Seattle Parks & Recreation

Fitness videos from Seattle Parks and Recreation

With gyms closed and sheltering in place keeping us indoors, Seattle Parks and Recreation comes to the rescue seven workouts designed to keep exercisers of many ages and abilities moving. This series of videos include circuit trainingpilates, line dancingsoul line dancing, tai chiyoga and Zumba!

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