How Seattle is navigating COVID-19 crisis | Visiting MoM | Sundae Funday

Council Edition looks at city business in the time of coronavirus

Brian Callanan and Seattle City Councilmembers

COVID-19 COVERAGE: Hear from Seattle City Councilmembers Lorena González, Lisa Herbold, and Andrew J. Lewis on the latest Council Edition as they discuss the city's work on the coronavirus crisis, some early observations about the West Seattle Bridge closure, and more.

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Tour the Museum of Museums, aka MoM

Nancy Guppy with Greg Lundgren

Artist, curator, and arts entrepreneur Greg Lundgren has taken a derelict three-story brick building on First Hill that formerly housed medical offices and transformed it into the Museum of Museums (MoM). With rotating installations, art classes, pop-ups, murals, and a four-seat theatre, this art activated museum will be a must-see for Seattleites and tourists looking to soak up local art once the coronavirus crisis ends.

I ❤️ MoM


Delightful music duo Sundae + Mr. Goessl

Nancy Guppy with Sundae + Mr. Goessl

Sundae + Mr. Goessl, also known as Kate Voss and Jason Goessl, combine their formidable musical chops into a delightful style of music and performance that's been called "Vintage Pop" and "Cowboy Jazz." Hear them perform "Darlene" and "Last Night Was the Last Time" found on their new record "Fun & Fancy."

Sundae Funday


The creative force behind the RocketShipSquid 🚀🦑Youtube Channel

"The Solar System Daze" by RocketShipSquid (aka Orion Razat)

Load up your YouTube playlist with the imaginative creations made by a local youngster. Filmmaker Orion Razat began his career at age four. More than 30 videos later, Orion's RocketShipSquid YouTube channel is racking up the hits.

Are You Squidding?


Struggling to pass the time while sheltering in place? Turn the page with our Book Lust recommendations

Book Lust book recommendations

There’s no better way to escape reality than picking up a good book. That’s why the Seattle Channel has put together a list of engaging books for you to read while you shelter in place during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. All featured on Seattle Channel’s Book Lust with Nancy Pearl program, you’ll find romantic suspense, science fiction, biographical, true crime and more. Browse our suggestions and learn more about the books and their authors in Nancy Pearl’s compelling interviews.

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