Zany, wondrous Archie McPhee store | FYI Guy at Civic Cocktail | 🧛‍♂️ Sink your teeth into new "Dracula"

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Why'd the rubber chicken cross the road?

Archie McPhee rubber chicken museum

🐔 Why'd the rubber chicken cross the road? To get to Archie McPhee's in Wallingford of course! For nearly four decades, Archie McPhee has reacquainted people with their inner weirdness. We take you inside the wondrous world of this wacky superstore and Seattle institution.

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Art Zone hosts hilarious punk/rock 'n roll trio Beverly Crusher

Art Zone hosts hilarious trio in band Beverly Crusher.

Art Zone features musical mayhem from the hilarious trio, Beverly Crusher. Cozell Wilson, Sam Stiles, and Max Stiles play songs that are fast, furious, and super fun. Give "Gimmie The Power" and "Scared" a listen, songs from their upcoming album.

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Join Civic Cocktail this Wednesday for a deep data dive into election with FYI Guy & political pollster Stuart Elway

I voted illustration and graphic

The day after the election, Civic Cocktail analyzes results of the City Council races from the night before with two people smack in the middle of the political action: Marilyn Strickland, President and CEO of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce whose PAC has supported business candidates, and Heather Weiner, long-time political consultant who has worked for progressive causes.

In the second segment, dive deep into who we are as a city and how voter and resident demographics shape us. We're joined by The Seattle Times' "FYI Guy" Gene Balk and longtime statewide pollster Stuart Elway.

And if you're an ultimate procrastinator, it's not too late to vote! 🗳️ Don't walk, run to the ballot box! Use our handy Video Voters' Guide and mail your ballot by Tuesday!

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🛸 Why does Washington state have so many UFO sightings?

UFO over rural Western Washington

Are we alone in the universe? It's a question humans have considered for millennia. Some Washington residents are convinced of some close encounters after witnessing unexplained phenomena, including these two locals who describe similar UFO sightings

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Thaddeus Turner's phenomenal artistry

Thaddeus Turner

As music director for the Grammy Award-winning Digable Planets and frontman for Thaddillac, as well as co-founder of the youth mentorship through music production and performance program Totem Star, Thaddeus Turner truly is ALL THAT!

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🧛‍♂️ Sink your teeth into Steven Dietz's updated “Dracula”

Dracula at ACT Theatre

Dripping with the requisite blood and gore, the world premiere of Bram Stoker's "Dracula," adapted by world-renowned playwright Steven Dietz, is an exciting and bold reimagining of a Halloween classic.

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Poet Maia Pody has something to say

Poet Maia Pody

She's the 2019 Seattle Youth Poet Ambassador. Meet Maia Pody, who peers at the mystery of life through the careful placement of just the right words in her poem "Foam."

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Action film based on a crazy true story

Scene from Polk Country Pot Plane

A Douglas DC-5 plane. A Georgia mountain. And a marijuana delivery plan gone awry. Scarecrow Video's Matt Lynch has this Movie Minute featuring an obscure 1977 car chase film 🚗.

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