"I called him cowardly" | Irish, Americana music collide | High-flying art | Debates from D6's Heidi Wills, Dan Strauss & D7's Andrew Lewis, Jim Pugel

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This high-flying Seattle artist makes dancing in the air look easy (it's not)

Tanya Brno in the air

Artist and aerialist Tanya Brno sculpts the air with skill and sublime grace. And she does this all while performing with pain.

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District 6's Strauss, Wills; District 7's Lewis, Pugel debate on City Inside/Out

Heidi Wills and Dan Strauss

Seattle City Council candidates Dan Strauss and Heidi Wills share their views on light rail to Ballard, what kind of density is right for Northwest Seattle, their approach to ending homelessness, and how they'd differ from current District 6 Councilmember Mike O'Brien. 

And in District 7, one candidate is an assistant city attorney and the other is a retired Seattle police officer and former interim police chief. Now, Andrew Lewis and Jim Pugel are running to represent downtown to Magnolia on the Seattle City Council. 

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📷 Renowned portrait photographer John Keatley’s passion project

John Keatley's portraits

Renowned portrait photographer John Keatley sat down with Art Zone's Nancy Guppy to discuss his new book titled “Uniform,” which depicts civilians from all walks of life made up as toy army men. And in the interview, John reveals the profound impact the project has had on him personally. 

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"I called him cowardly." Seattle teen confronts lawmaker on climate change; Rep. Adam Smith's sharp critique of President Trump on Civic Cocktail

Jamie Margolin at Civic Cocktail

What’s an elected official to do when a teenager questions their stance on climate change? Seattle teen Jamie Margolin found out when she testified before a U.S. House of Representatives committee.

"(President Trump) is, at least, an aspiring fascist." Rep. Adam Smith had sharp words for the leader of the United States on the latest episode of Civic Cocktail. 

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Irish, Americana ballads collide in Dravus House's heart-pulling music

Band Dravus House with Nancy Guppy

What do you get when you mix Irish and Americana ballads? The magical music from the alternative-folk band Dravus House is influenced by sounds from the Emerald Isle and American roots music. Listen to Dravus House’s two performances on Art Zone, including “You Don’t Belong Here” and “Bang.”

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