Legendary local photographer faces down cancer | UW student sprints through life's hurdles | Redlining casts long shadow on Seattle

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He captured iconic images from Seattle's grunge scene; now he's fighting for his life

Lance Mercer with Sound Garden

Photographer Lance Mercer says his time covering Seattle's grunge scene was similar to that of a war photographer. The war Lance is fighting now is much different; he’s been diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood cancer. But he has an important ally in his corner and together they’re taking this on with all they’ve got.

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UW student runs through barriers

Imani Apostol track star

“I think the door is cracked right now. And I think it needs to be swung wide open.” Track star. Classical pianist. Model. And now a grad student. Meet Imani Apostol, she's jumping through life's hurdles and breaking down barriers.

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Examining history & contemporary impact of redlining in Seattle

Seattle On The Line: Examining the History & Contemporary Impact of Redlining

The legacy of redlining has cast a long shadow on how Seattle has developed and continues to evolve. Beginning in the 1930s, racial discrimination in mortgage lending “redlined” areas on government maps. Boundaries were drawn using various types of criteria to assess risk, including race. The practice kept people of color out of some Seattle neighborhoods.⁠ This panel discusses the relationship between gentrification and this history, and the complex dynamics playing out in Seattle's neighborhoods today.

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Don't fur-get! "The Art of Racing in the Rain" author joins Civic Cocktail Sept. 5

 Garth Stein, author of "The Art of Racing in the Rain"

Garth Stein's book, "The Art of Racing in the Rain," has been on The New York Times bestseller list for three years. Now, you can see the Seattle-set novel on the big screen. Stein joins Civic Cocktail host Joni Balter during the show's season premiere on Thursday, Sept. 5, to discuss the book that has touched millions of hearts across the world.

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Honoring these Seattle City Light trailblazers for Labor Day

Early trailblazers at Seattle City Light

Forty-five years ago, a courageous group of women broke barriers at Seattle City Light, determined to enter the electrical trades. For Labor Day, we revisit a feature documenting how these pioneers blazed a trail for female lineworkers today.

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