Press Release: Redmond City Council Authorizes the City to Proceed with Design of New Community Center

Press Release

Redmond City Council Authorizes the City to Proceed with Design of New Community Center

October 26, 2020

Lisa Maher
Communications & Marketing Manager

REDMOND, WA - The Redmond City Council, at a special meeting on October 22, 2020, unanimously authorized the Mayor to repurpose $15 million allocated for the Redmond Senior and Community Center in the 2019-2020 budget. The budget will now fund additional community involvement and the design of a new facility to be located on the site of the existing Redmond Senior Center.

The Redmond Senior Center closed in September 2019, after it was discovered that the structural integrity of the building was compromised, and the facility could not be occupied until structural repairs were made. A structural review of the Redmond Senior Center showed the building needed to be renovated or demolished and rebuilt. Two back-to-back community outreach campaigns invited the community to share their vision for the Redmond Senior Center building and narrow down the options for City Council consideration. The final recommendation to City Council was to construct a 42,000 square foot community center with dedicated senior space on the site of the existing Redmond Senior Center in the amount of $46.7 million.

While a policy decision on the size and cost of the building was not provided by City Council, the motion does authorize the City to move forward with a design process in alignment with the final recommendation from the community and ensures that the senior community must be involved at every step of the process. As part of the design process, the City will engage the seniors and Redmond community on the design and amenities of the building. City staff will return to City Council with schematic designs and cost estimates in mid-2021.

“Building for the future of Redmond is our top priority,” said Mayor Angela Birney. “Following the closure of the Redmond Senior Center, the City launched one of our largest community involvement efforts to ensure this building meets the needs and priorities of Redmond. Our continued engagement with the community will get us closer to a new community center that can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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