PRESS RELEASE: Scooter Share Launches in Redmond

Press Release

Scooter Share Launches in Redmond

July 29, 2019

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager 

Redmond, WA – Lime, a private bike and scooter share company, is expected to debut electric scooters in Redmond on Tuesday, July 30 and is authorized to add bicycles in the future.

To use the scooters, simply download the Lime app and unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code located on the handlebars. The app will charge $1 to unlock and 25 cents per minute of your trip. Lime also offers a low-income fare. Anyone on a city, state or federal low-income program can sign up to pay just 50 cents to unlock and 7 cents per minute. More information is available at  

Bicycle and scooter sharing support the implementation of the City’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to improve travel choices and mobility. The scooters will expand the options for Redmond travelers since the average trip in Redmond is 2.2 miles, which is about a 15-minute bike or scooter ride.

The City looks forward to welcoming this new travel choice while ensuring that Lime meets the terms of the pilot bike and scooter share contract. Permit conditions include several key components, such as working to keep bikes and/or scooters parked outside of the pedestrian clear zone (5 to 6 feet wide clear path for pedestrians on the sidewalk) and that bikes and/or scooters are well maintained.

The City will periodically review compliance and will conduct an evaluation of the bike and scooter program around the end of 2019. This evaluation will help the City determine how to move forward with bike and scooter share after the pilot period is completed in May 2020.

To learn more about Lime scooters or to download the app, visit For questions or to report an issue regarding the Lime scooters, email or call or text: 1-888-LIME-345.

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