PRESS RELEASE: The Arts Illuminate at Redmond Lights

Press Release

The Arts Illuminate at Redmond Lights

November 13, 2018

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – Mark your calendars as Redmond Lights returns on December 1 and 2, 2018, in celebration of the City's diverse winter traditions, cultures, and faiths. In addition to traditional light displays, this year’s event will continue to incorporate public art by featuring six new temporary artist-commissioned light installations. Installation details and locations are listed below beginning with the City Hall Campus and ending at Downtown Park.

As the Luminary Walk begins, attendees will walk below the NE 85th Street Bridge and see the “Untitled” sculptural work by Will Schlough that features a slightly larger than life-size steel blue heron illuminated by LED lights. The heron poses as if she has just taken off from the river and will instill feelings of joy and imagination in the viewers, developing a connection with the river and surrounding natural environment.

“RainBrella” is an interactive light-art installation by local artist group Seattle Design Nerds that celebrates our rainy Pacific Northwest Climate. It will be installed on the Sammamish River Trail, directly along the side of the luminary pathway so attendees can experience it along the walk. The piece features a series of highly reflective umbrellas with hanging LED strands that will be animated to appear like drops of rain.

Once attendees are walking along the Redmond Central Connector and have crossed the bridge over Redmond Way, they will experience an ethereal immersive installation, "Cloud Reflecting" by Hannah Gabr. The installation is a series of 15 LED-rigged projection mapped clouds that are suspended in the air for attendees to walk directly underneath.

Further down the Redmond Central Connector is the next installation, "Adelita and Lanterns" by Angie Yusuf. These traditional Mexican-style lanterns highlight different aspects of the traditional holiday season and will be displayed next to "Adelita," an illuminated sculpture that honors the women rebels of the Mexican Revolution known as the Adelitas.

Once attendees reach Downtown Park, they will be greeted by “Odd Jelly Out,” an interactive sculpture by Uckiood, comprised of seven oversized Jelly Babies. The figures elicit childlike joy in their colorful form and decoration, while also encouraging the broader conversation about diversity and community.

Redmond’s artist-in-residence, Maja Petric, will create an immersive art installation, "Levitating Landscape," that will take place at the Downtown Park Pavilion. The piece utilizes mixed-media including light, video, sound, and atmospherics to engage visitors’ participation in a seemingly levitating landscape.

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