PRESS RELEASE: City Seeks Volunteers for ADA Transition Plan Advisory Committee

Press Release

City Seeks Volunteers for ADA Transition Plan Advisory Committee

May 7, 2018

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – The City of Redmond is looking for seven to nine volunteers to serve on a limited duration public advisory committee in 2018 to help develop an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for parks and trails. 

The ADA was enacted in 1990 and prevents the discrimination of a person based on a disability. In accordance with the ADA, state and local governments are obligated to conduct a self-assessment of their facilities, programs and services. Agencies then must create a Transition Plan to address those barriers identified in the self-assessment by providing suggested remedies, cost analyses, and time frames in which to eliminate these barriers.

Redmond’s Department of Parks and Recreation is eager to start this process, as we truly want all facilities in our system to meet the needs of all users, regardless of age or ability.  

The committee is open to all volunteers, but we are specifically looking for:

  • Park users with or without disabilities
  • Redmond residents with or without disabilities
  • Representatives from recreation leagues
  • Members of advocacy groups for people with disabilities

Committee members will be expected to attend five to six meetings, approximately once a month over the course of 2018. Members will be asked to discuss and provide input about accessibility in Redmond’s trails and parks to city staff that will help shape the transition plan. Providing input of firsthand accessibility issues will be valuable, as well as collecting feedback from neighbors and others in the community if needed. You can find more information at   

If you are interested in serving on the advisory committee, contact Jeff Aken at or via phone at 425-556-2328, before May 23, 2018.   

For questions and more information about this press release contact Lisa Maher, Communications Manager, at or 425-556-2427. This press release is available on