Press Release: Redmond Police Institutes Narcan Program

Police Press Release - City of Redmond

Redmond Police Institutes Narcan Program

March 2, 2017

Commander Charlie Gorman, Public Information Officer

REDMOND, WA - The Redmond Police Department has now joined a number of departments across the country trained to administer Nasal Naloxone (also known as Narcan) in an effort to decrease deaths from opiate overdoses. Patrol and commissioned officers below the rank of commander have recently been trained by Redmond Fire Department paramedics and have been issued Narcan kits.

Under the new policy, officers who have completed training can administer Narcan to someone who has overdosed on opioids and is in respiratory distress. Officers are trained to deliver the drug through the nostrils using an atomizer attachment

Officers are required to ensure scene safety for themselves, bystanders, and responding EMS personnel prior to administering the drug and will monitor the individual until Redmond Fire arrives.

“Over the last few years, our officers, like many cities around us, have seen an increase in the number of people under the influence of opiates, especially heroin. We don’t expect to use Narcan frequently, but the kits are another tool officers can use. It's not a long-term solution for heroin issues, but is low-risk to use and saves lives," said Chief Kristi Wilson.  

Redmond Police responds to roughly 15-20 overdose calls a year and a few of those are usually heroin-related.  

Mike Hilley with the Redmond Fire Department said that medics have already been administering Narcan, saying “Redmond Fire Medic Unit 19 delivered 19 doses of Narcan in 2016. Medic 19 does respond outside the Redmond area on occasion, so a few of these uses could have been delivered in other areas of the county."

The drug is provided to the police department at no cost via a King County grant.

For questions and more information, contact Commander Charlie Gorman at or 425-556-2566.  



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