Monitoring to Accelerate Recovery Funding Opportunity - Preliminary Details

Puget Sound Ecosystem Monitoring Program


March 24, 2021  

Preliminary Details: Monitoring to Accelerate Recovery Funding Opportunity

Hello everyone,

Please share the following information with your networks to prepare for the upcoming release of the Monitoring to Accelerate Recovery funding opportunity from the Puget Sound Partnership (aka, proposal process for PSEMP and Vital Signs projects). Please note that the details are still being worked out. We are sharing this now so you can start some discussions and plans if you are interested but we advise waiting to see the full announcement before starting to develop project proposals.

This funding opportunity for collaborative projects is a mechanism by which the PSEMP and Vital Signs programs address priority monitoring information needs to inform adaptive management and accelerate recovery of Puget Sound. This year will include a new process relative to the PSEMP and Vital Signs funding processes for 2019-2021, so please expect some changes in project types, eligibility, and priorities.

*Disclaimer: Details below are tentative. Please review the information in the final funding opportunity announcement, which we plan to release in early April.


  • Funding Available for projects in 2021-23: Approximately $750,000 total for categories 1 and 2 (final amounts are contingent on state and federal appropriations and decisions.
    • Category 1 (Vital Signs funding): $400,000
    • Category 2 (PSEMP funding): $350,000
  • Proposed Project Budgets: Maximum proposal budget should not exceed $120,000. Minimum still being determined.
  • Proposal Categories:
    • Category 1: Projects that enable the assessment and reporting of the status and trends of Vital Sign indicators
    • Category 2: Projects that interpret the reasons behind trends in ecosystem conditions, cumulative effects, and effectiveness assessments  
    • Both categories will specify priorities for monitoring information to inform adaptive management and accelerate the recovery of Puget Sound. Project proposals will be expected to address these needs and provide engagement plans for intended audiences and end-users. Sources used to derive priorities include:
  • Letter of intent: A letter of intent will be required as a first step in the process. Instructions will be provided in the final announcement.
  • Informational Webinar: The Partnership will provide an informational webinar approximately 2-3 weeks after the funding opportunity announcement is released. The informational webinar will require registration to attend the event live, registration will open when the announcement is released. The webinar will be recorded and will be publicly available.
  • Announcement release date: Early April
  • Timeline: We do not have a final timeline to share at this time but do expect to provide more time for proposal development compared to a previous draft timeline*. Please see the final announcement in early April for details on all steps, requirements, and deadlines.

*On March 9, this presentation about this funding opportunity and process was shared with the PSEMP Steering Committee. Please note that the timeline and details presented in the slides will change in the final announcement, but the slides provide general context that can be shared.

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