BEST Tips for Mentors: February 2022


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The BEST Mentor/Coach Equity in Action Conference will take place virtually on March 9 & 10, 2022!

Mentor Academy 101 

Feb 2 & 3 8am-3pm

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Feb 16 & 17 8am-3pm

Mentoring Teachers of Special Education

Feb 15 8am-3pm

Mentoring Preservice Teacher Candidates 

Feb 10 8am-3pm

Check out the BEST Events & Trainings page to register for open opportunities! BEST will continue to provide all events online until further notice.

Tips for Mentors
February 2022

Mid-Year Conversations

Mid-year conversations between mentor and mentee can provide space for novice educators to reflect on the first half of the year and set new goals for the second half. Mid-year is also a great time for mentors to elicit feedback on the mentoring relationship!

Erin Dorso and her mentor team in Walla Walla developed a mid-year conversation tool called the "Mentoring Pulse Check" that has guided their conversations with a list of helpful questions. Erin says,

"It's akin to the Mentor-Mentee Conversation Tool... not meant to be followed too closely, but to be used as a whole, in part, or adjusted to fit the people and context."

Some questions in the guide include:

What have you learned about yourself this year? 

Thinking about our work together, what supports, activities, or conversations have been especially productive or helpful for you? 

What has supported your sense of belonging?

You can find and download both these tools on the BEST website under "Mentor Downloadable Resources"!


Roundtable Reflections

Mentors who engage in BEST Roundtables have also reached the mid-year point in their roundtable communities! January's roundtable session challenged mentors to reflect on what it means to be authentically curious. Elena Aguilar on page 46 of Coaching for Equity writes,

"Our purpose is to create a world characterized by justice, equity, and liberation. The journey is the destination. We can fulfill our purpose when we act with compassion, curiosity, connection, and courage."

Participants in Kjell's roundtable shared what they "got" from the January session in chat box reflections:

"I got great practice in breakout rooms!" -Jennifer

"I got a chance to reflect on my own practice and hear from other about what they are doing and processing right now. Thank you!" -Megan

"I got great coaching conversation practice. I learn so much every time I participate in the coaching rounds." -Angelica

"I got a reminder to slow down and focus on 'filling my bucket' in order to better support my teachers." - Crystal

"Glad I got to attend, I needed to connect with these peeps today." -Karen

"Got it: time to reflect and practice my mentoring skills." -Andrea

"I got practice with being present while mentoring." -Joel


Mentors, as you reflect on your mentoring work the first half of this school year, what questions are guiding your reflection? Share your thoughts with BEST staff!

It's not too late to join a roundtable! You can register for an upcoming session on the BEST website.