Webinars to provide update on 2020-21 teacher assignment policy

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March 26, 2020


Assignment policy is the matching of certificate types to educator roles, and teacher endorsements to courses. The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) oversees assignment policy, and each year publishes a tool providing the list of matched teacher endorsements and courses.

At the March board meeting, members approved an assignment table for 2020-21, including overall approaches to matching endorsements and course codes, as well as some specific individual changes. View board materials.

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Teaching out-of-endorsement

Individuals may teach outside of their endorsement if certain conditions are met. If individuals are assigned outside of their endorsement area, the following need to happen:

  • The out-of-endorsement assignment needs to be approved by the local school board.
  • The district and the teacher mutually develop a written plan for assistance to the teacher. Plans might include mentoring, PLC time with teachers in the content area, taking a course, independent study, and so on. The plan does not have to include acquiring the endorsement, although it may.
  • Teachers are not subject to nonrenewal or probation based on evaluations of their teaching effectiveness in out-of-endorsement assignments.
  • Policy WAC

For some areas, there are certification or endorsement requirements to qualify for specific funding or support. Questions regarding requirements for CTE or Bilingual Education should be directed to those OSPI offices.

For special education, there is a separate pre-endorsement waiver or temporary out-of-endorsement policy that can be followed. The OSPI Special Education office can provide information.

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