ELP Assessment Update December 2019

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ELP Assessment Update for December 2019

Welcome back to school. As we close out the year and hang a new calendar on the wall,  ELP annual testing is just around the corner. Below are some resources and reminders to help you prepare. The testing window for both ELPA21 and WIDA Alternate ACCESS is February 3 to March 27.

ELPA21 Annual Assessment

Ordering Additional Materials

Additional materials for this assessment can be ordered through TIDE from January 24 to March 16.

Test Administrator Training

All school personnel who will be administering the ELPA21 must be trained annually. This year districts have the option of using the state-produced slide deck to organize a district training, or sending test administrators to a recorded training on Moodle. Whether TAs complete an in-person district training or the online recorded training, they will need to log into Moodle to complete the knowledge check (optional) and register as a trained TA with the state.

The slides are currently available on the Annual ELP Assessment page. The recorded training is on Moodle at the link below.

Please note, the knowledge check (quiz) is optional for this year. However, OSPI’s intention is to require the quiz in the future.

Moodle link for ELPA21 Annual Training

Website link for Test Administrator Training Slides:

ELPA21 Resources

Planning resources are available on the ELP Assessment pages. Preparation checklists for Building and District Technology Coordinators, Test Coordinators, and Test Administrators can be found on the ELPA21 Annual Assessment page.

Test Administration Manual for ELPA21 is located on the WCAP portal under ELPA21, User Guides, Administration Manuals.


Ordering Additional Materials

Additional materials can be ordered for the WIDA Alternate ACCESS through the DRC platform. Washington districts can only order materials for the WIDA Alternate ACCESS. When ordering materials for kindergarten students, please remember that in Washington, students in kindergarten take the grade band 1-2 Alternate ACCESS test.

The window to order additional materials is January 20 to March 20.

If your district did not pre-identify students, then in addition to test booklets that you order through DRC, you will also need to order labels through the Office of Select Assessment at OSPI.

Identifying Students

A student’s IEP team holds the responsibility for identifying an appropriate assessment option for the student. The Special Education Office at OSPI has developed guidance to help in this process. The Guidelines for Statewide Accountability Assessments can be found in the Resource Library on the Special Education page of OSP's websiteI.

TA Annual Training

All school personnel who will be administering the WIDA Alternate ACCESS must be trained annually. The training for the WIDA Alternate ACCESS is located on Moodle. The training requires a knowledge check and registration as a trained TA in addition to watching the recorded training. Please note, the recorded training is identical to last year's training as no updates were made to the test administration for this year. Because of this, the dates may not be accurate for the testing window in the recorded training. Please refer to the OSPI assessment calendar or ELP Assessment pages for this year's  testing dates. 

The training is required to be offered behind a password, so DACs will receive an access code to enter the training. If you cannot enter the training, please contact your DAC for the access code.

The Test Administrator Manual and Accommodations Manual for the WIDA Alternate ACCESS are available through WAMS downloads.

Students Who are Blind

OSPI, in collaboration with the Washington State School for the Blind, has adapted the WIDA Alternate ACCESS to be more accessible to students who are blind. Adaptations include Braille and embossed materials.  If you need these adaptations for your student, please contact Leslie Huff in the Office of Select Assessment at OSPI. To use the adaptations, you will also need to order the grade appropriate Student Response Booklet from DRC.

Other Resources

Domain Exemption Training for IEP teams. This training helps IEP teams determine whether a domain exemption is appropriate for a student.

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If you have any questions or comments about the content of this communication, please contact Leslie Huff in the Office of Select Assessment at OSPI (leslie.huff@k12.wa.us).