Student Voice eliminated from edTPA

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December 3, 2019

Student Voice eliminated from edTPA

At the November 2019 board meeting, members from the Professional Educator Standards Board approved eliminating the Student Voice rubrics from edTPA, effective Fall 2020. 

What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is one element of the Washington edTPA, a subject-specific performance assessment used by teacher preparation programs. The three rubrics on Student Voice emphasize the development of students’ metacognitive skills.

Why has Student Voice been removed?

Stakeholders expressed that Student Voice rubrics in edTPA created multiple unintended consequences, outweighing the benefits. Particularly, they shared that there have been different levels of understanding in Student Voice, causing confusion and a significant burden among educator candidates, preparation programs, and districts. 

What are the next steps?

Educators and preparation programs should continue using the current edTPA handbook containing the Student Voice rubrics during the 2019-20 academic year. It is recommended that candidates still complete the requirements of Student Voice, though scoring of Student Voice will still be nonconsequential. This means that a candidate’s Student Voice score will not contribute towards meeting the statewide edTPA passing score. Beginning Fall 2020, Washington teacher candidates will use the national edTPA handbook, which does not contain Student Voice rubrics. Please note that it is optional for Washington candidates to respond to the Student Voice prompts for a retake using the original Washington templates. Candidates’ original Student Voice rubric scores are reported for retakes.

“The Board continues to prioritize Washington’s highly-qualified educators are able to meet the needs of our diverse student populations. To do this, we advance initiatives which remove barriers into the profession, create equitable pathways, and foster professional learning opportunities,” says Maribel Vilchez, a PESB board member. “The policy decision to remove Student Voice from the edTPA supports our areas of focus, and was made with careful consideration and thoroughly examining all the available options and outcomes. Although Student Voice has been removed from the assessment, as a board, we believe that Student Voice should have a place in every Washington classroom to foster student metacognition and teachers’ reflection on student learning."

Board members have directed PESB staff to look into alternative ways to emphasize Student Voice in preparation program standards.

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