We're hiring for two new program manager positions - join our team!

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April 25, 2019

We're hiring for two new program manager positions - join our team!

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We are excited to announce the opening of two new positions at the Professional Educator Standards Board. Have a passion for education and innovative policy? We're looking for you!

Program Manager for Educator Pathways

This position provides support related to educator pathways, which includes recruitment, alternative pathways into the profession, and diversifying the educator profession. This position coordinates grant funded programs that are focused on developing educator pathways in Washington State. In addition, this position plays a key role in outreach and marketing to increase the diversity of the teacher educator workforce in Washington State.

Program Manager for Professional Learning, Assignment and Program Support

This position plays a key role in ensuring equitable, high, and consistent quality standards for educator professional learning opportunities, and for educator preparation programs across Washington State.

This position manages programs residing in the Educator Preparation and Credentialing Unit. The programs include professional learning, assignment, educator preparation program support and approval. This position ensures program alignment between these areas. 

About our agency

We may be biased, but we think we're one of the coolest state agencies around. PESB ensures Washington’s educator workforce is composed of highly effective, professional educators who meet the diverse needs of schools and districts. We work towards this vision by creating innovative policies that improve and support educator quality, workforce development, and diversity.

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