What happened at PESB's November Board meeting?

board mtg recap

December 2019

This newsletter provides key updates and policy changes that were presented at the last Board meeting. 

What's in this issue?

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Upcoming Board meetings

  • January 10-11, 2019 at ESD 113 in Tumwater
  • March 21-22, 2019 at Seattle Airport Marriott in SeaTac
  • May 16-17, 2019 at the Hampton Inn in Richland

In other news...

Educator shortage report coming in new year


In our state and around the nation, the educator shortage continues to be a serious topic of concern for the impact it has on our students. Washington is committed to investigating barriers to the profession.

In the new year, we will be releasing a report highlighting indicators of our state's educator shortage, and approaches in policy we can take to address it. At the November Board meeting, members reviewed some of the data that will be included in this report, which included data on a number of teacher preparation program completers versus number of beginning teachers being hired; and the percentage of students of color and teachers of color by district. Board members also looked at content area shortages, including shortages in special education. 

For more information about this tab item, please see the meeting materials.

Clock hours for national board certification


The Board approved a motion to maintain current policy regarding clock hours for national board certification. Individuals are eligible for clock hours according to the policy in place when they first submitted a National Board component.

What does this policy mean for NBCTs and candidates?

If you submitted a component in 2017 or earlier

  • You are eligible for 45 clock hours for submission of a complete portfolio, plus another 45 clock hours upon achievement of National Board Certification.

If you submitted a component in 2018 or later

  • You are eligible for 50 clock hours for submission of each complete National Board component, for up to 200 clock hours per National Board certificate.

If you submitted a renewal portfolio in 2018 or later

  • You are eligible for 200 clock hours for submission of a complete National Board Profile of Professional Growth, for up to 200 clock hours per National Board certificate.

For more information:

New data displays will help districts better monitor teacher workforce trends


We were excited to present to Board members in November on new data displays now available on our website. The displays, which are intended to be used by district HR offices, show data on areas of demographic hiring, teacher persistence, assignment policy, and limited certificates.

Data for the displays are collected from OSPI’s CEDARS, S-725, and eCertification data systems.

Visit our website to see the displays and to learn more.

Update on PESB and OSPI's collaborative HR training effort


Workforce development is a major area of focus and influence when it comes to educator quality. School districts rely on their Human Resource (HR) practices to make informed decisions on educator recruitment, retainment and development.

In a collaborative approach, PESB and OSPI has been contracted with Education Northwest to create training materials and curriculum for district HR offices. At the November Board meeting, members received an update on these efforts, learning that training materials are intentionally addressing equity, differences in district HR practices and needs, and progress towards implementation and delivery. 

Visit our website to learn more.