ELP Assessment Updates Nov 2018

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ELP Assessment Update November 2018



TA training for WIDA Alternate ACCESS is available on Moodle and required for all those administering the WIDA Alternate ACCESS. The training consists of a recorded webinar and handouts that will need to be printed. Following the training TAs will need to complete a 12 question quiz and score at least 10 points. Once that step has been accomplished, TAs will need to register as trained TAs through the link on Moodle.

Districts are encouraged to organize training opportunities to encourage partner practice during the training. The training includes a 45 minute video and should be scheduled for no less than 2 hours to accommodate practice time during the video. Both special education and EL professionals should participate in WIDA Alternate ACCESS training. District assessment coordinators will be provided with a code to access the training and are responsible for ensuring their TAs are able to access the Moodle. Some districts may choose to allow individual access only after district trainings. A direct link cannot be provided on the OSPI website due to proprietary limitations.

Moodle link: http://training.ospi.k12.wa.us/course/view.php?id=53 (access code required from DAC).

Following training, TAs will need to complete a 12-question quiz, scoring a minimum of 10 points, and register with OSPI as a trained facilitator. The training, supporting handouts, quiz, and registration are all accessible on the Moodle site.

In order to accommodate questions that are bound to arise from training, OSPI has developed an FAQ document that will be updated regularly. The FAQ document can be found on the Alt ELP Assessment page. Please encourage training participants to access the FAQ document and submit questions as needed. All questions should be submitted directly to ELP Assessment Coordinator, Leslie Huff (leslie.huff@k12.wa.us).

Testing Resources for WIDA

Due to a change in how and where WIDA materials are housed and security parameters around documents, OSPI is working to establish access to WIDA documents. The  User Guide and Test Administrator Manual, along with other password-protected documents, will be housed on WAMs. Documents that can be public facing will be on the OSPI website under Alternate ELP Assessment.  We will communicate additional information about WIDA-produced documents when it is available.

Testing Logistics

The testing window for WIDA Alternate ACCESS will be from January 28 to March 22.The deadline for pre-identifying students in WAMS is December 4. Materials will arrive in district for all pre-identified students on January 14 and must be returned prior to March 29.

If you need additional materials for students who were not pre-identified, they can be ordered by the district assessment coordinator through eDirect. If you need labels for a school that was not included as the home school for any pre-identified student, you will need to contact Leslie Huff, ELP Assessment Coordinator at OSPI.

ELAP21 Annual Assessment

The ELPA21 annual testing window will begin on January 28 and testing will conclude on March 22. OSPI is updating slides for districts to use in local training. These slides should be available in early December.

Resources for ELPA21 are located primarily in two locations.

WCAP Portal

ELP Assessment Pages (http://k12.wa.us/ELPA21/Preparing.aspx )

  • FAQ documents are available on the ELP Assessment website
  • Links to training (TAs will need a code from their DAC to access the WIDA Alt ACCESS training)
  • Checklists for testing preparation

Testing Window Survey

If you would like to provide input on next year’s testing window schedule, please complete the short survey linked below.

Survey link: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4707081/ELPA21-Testing-Window

Website Updates

OSPI is updating and rebuilding websites. The ELP Assessment websites will be updated before January. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for all you do every day to support students. Please do not hesitate to contact Leslie Huff (leslie.huff@k12.wa.us) in the Office of Select Assessment if you have concerns or questions.