ELP Assessment Update June , 19 2018

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ELP Assessment Update June 19, 2018

ELPA21 Screener


There are a number of changes to the new ELPA21 Screener. Please ensure that all test administrators are trained and ready to begin testing prior to the onset of testing in your district. The new ELPA21 Screener will open in Washington on August 6. As a reminder, the ELPA21 Screener is the only means by which a student can qualify for English Language Development services in Washington State. No other screener is being used for any grade level this year.

A recorded webinar will be available for training by early July along with a slide deck. These are available on the ELPA21 page of the OSPI website under Trainings and Presentations and can be used for district trainings. Districts are required to maintain records of trained TAs. Please ensure that all TAs are trained on the new screener prior to administering Screeners.

Additional resources, including the Accommodations Manual and scoring guidance for the screener are available on the Preparing to Test section of the ELPA21 page.  

    Students Who Do Not Respond

    When screening students on the ELPA21 Screener, there are occasionally students who do not respond to any items. Beginning August 6, with the new screener, there will be an option for the TA to discontinue testing for a student who does not respond to any item in any way during Step 1. This option is only for students who do not or cannot respond to any item in any way in Step 1.

    Paper-Pencil Screeners

    The current year’s ELPA21 screeners will no longer be used for screening after June 29. Please catalog and destroy your 2017-18 ELPA21 paper-pencil screeners by July 16. You will need to notify OSPI of the number and level of screeners your district shreds/destroys. Please report your screener destruction at this link: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4429704/ELPA21-2017-18-Paper-Screener-Destruction-Log.

    New paper-pencil screeners will be available through OSPI, starting in August, for the 2018-19 school year. If you have a student who requuires a paper-pencil screener, please request one using the ELPA21@k12.wa.us email address. It is important to allow for shipping time in the student’s 10-day placement window.  

      Domain Exemptions

      In an effort to provide greater support to IEP teams making decisions around domain exemption, OSPI has developed a recorded webinar that explores the domain exemption criteria and applies it to a number of example scenarios. This guidance should be useful for all those involved in IEP determinations and should help improve consistency across the state.  The guidance can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0fB6v8vdKQ&feature=youtu.be