ELP Assessment Update April 2018

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ELP Assessment Updates

We are nearing the end of another assessment cycle and school year. The language proficiency testing is wrapping up at the end of April with approximately 130 thousand tests completed in WA.  For the first time this year we have an alternate language proficiency assessment that allows us to begin to measure the language proficiency of ELs with significant cognitive disabilities. Thank you all for your hard work during these stress-filled times.

ELPA21 Summative

The ELPA21 Summative assessment came to a close on March 30. The scoring window is underway and districts can expect to have scores in hand by the end of May. Initial scores will be in ORS around Memorial Day and will be uploaded into WAMS later in June once any late files have been received.

ELPA21 Screener

There are many changes coming with the new version of the screener. Specific details regarding changes to the screener can be found in the March 2 communication from OSPI.  We do plan to offer online training modules for TAs administering the ELPA21 screener. Training will be available online by the end of May.

2018-19 screening can begin as early as May 1. All students screened before August 2018 for the 2018-19 school year will be screened using the current screener. The testing system will be updated, and unavailable for testing during the month of July. Starting August 6, students will be screened using the new version of the screener.


The WIDA Alternate ACCESS testing window will close on April 27. Orders for additional materials will need to be processed by April 20. Materials will need to be returned to DRC by May 4. If you are testing blind students on the WIDA Alternate ACCESS, please contact OSPI (leslie.huff@k12.wa.us) for guidance.

To provide effective English language development instruction to English learners with significant disabilities, OSPI strongly recommends collaborating and/or co-teaching with the ELD/ELL teacher. Also, the OSPI EL-Special Education work group has compd the following instructional and professional learning resources to support your work with struggling English learners and those with special needs:

Post Administration Survey

We will be asking for your feedback again this year on English language proficiency assessment administration. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Thank you for making time to share your assessment experiences. If there are specific areas you feel we should ask for feedback on, please send your ideas to leslie.huff@k12.wa.us.