SHIBA News Flash -- Aug. 9, 2017

SHIBA News Flash
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Beware of new SHIBA phone scam

There’s a new phone scam starting in Snohomish County in which scammers are cold calling consumers telling them they are with SHIBA, the Insurance Commissioner’s Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors program.  SHIBA representatives never cold call.  If you or someone you know gets a call like this, try and get the phone number if you have caller ID.  Report the incident and provide the phone number to our office at 1-800-562-6900.  However, you should just hang up and do not provide any personal information.


SHIBA is Washington state’s Senior Medicare Patrol project. We can help consumers prevent, detect and report Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse. Encourage clients to contact 1-800-562-6900 if they have questions or suspect fraud or abuse.