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Lynnwood Washington

COVID-19 Resources for Artists

Dear Artists and Creatives,

The arts and creative sector is being hit hard by the COVID-19 shutdown.  Everything from canceled shows, events, to teaching gigs! That's because so much of what we do involves human connections and building communities. We've put together some local and regional resources on our website specifically for artists/creatives. Stay well. Please check it out.

Tell us how you're doing!

Email Fred Wong to share how you're coping with having to stay home.

Art Galleries

With the closing of many City of Lynnwood buildings and thus the postponement of many art galleries at City Hall and the Recreation Center here are some beautiful images from some of our local artists we do not want you to miss!


Love in Las Vegas
Elizabeth McDowell



Peruvian Child and Llama
Fresia Valdivia


Lonely Town
Jingzhou (Mike) Ma

Seems strangely appropriate right now.

arts commission - enews

Join the Arts Commission

Are you into arts and culture? Do you think creativity is vital to how we do things? If you are a dynamic person wanting to get things done, then we invite you to apply 

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Photo credits:
Love in Las Vegas, Elizabeth McDowell , photo by artist
Peruvian Child and Llama, Fresia Valdivia, photo by artist
Lonely Town, Jingzhou Ma , photo by artist