A message from Chief of Police Tom Davis regarding our response to COVID-19

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Lynnwood Police Department
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Hello Lynnwood Community,

  I hope you are staying safe and well as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic and see new efforts daily by our first responders and those in our medical community to reduce the spread of this debilitating virus.

  After Governor Inslee’s news conference Monday, I wanted to again address the police department’s response and role in helping to maintain social distancing in our community. First, let me share the numbers specific to the police department: we are pleased to report we are staying healthy. At this time we have only had one confirmed case of COVID-19 and that employee is still in isolation but scheduled to return to work in a few days. Only a handful of others self-quarantined due to potential exposures on the recommendation of the health department and most have already or nearly completed their fourteen day isolation period.

  Secondly, I’d like to address our interactions with the public in regards to ensuring social distancing. We are not ticketing or arresting people for social distancing violations. We are instead educating them on and reminding them of the governor’s order to stay home. We are not randomly stopping cars to ask why people are out or to see if those individuals have permits or letters of exemption to the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” policy.

  We reiterate what the governor has said over and over again: we care for your well-being and stress the importance of making these difficult lifestyle changes. We as your police department will continue to make adjustments within our ranks to reduce interaction with each other, but we will be there when you need us like we always have.

  If you have a COVID-19 related concern or wish to report a social distancing violation, remember to call the number or visit the website specifically established for that purpose. Locally, the Snohomish Health District Environmental Health Division’s number is 425-339-5250 and the state website is coronavirus.wa.us. Please do not call 911 for COVID-19 issues unless it is an emergency.

  Thank you for your cooperation in these unprecedented times. We will get through this together!

Stay healthy,

Chief Tom Davis