Letter from Olympia

Senator Hans Zeiger 25th District Letter from Olympia

Letter from Olympia

Dear Neighbor,

This has been a busy week at the Capitol. We’ve reached the halfway point of the legislative session and have been busy with floor action, debating and passing bills out of the Senate Chamber.

As a member of the minority party in a 28-21 arrangement, I have found myself voting “no” on bills more than I am used to. Many of the bills that are coming up for a vote push our state toward larger bureaucracies, higher costs for families and small businesses, fewer choices for individuals and families, less community autonomy, and more restrictions on private enterprise. While I always look for ways to work across the aisle and find common ground, I am dismayed by the overall direction that the legislature is taking this year. I remain hopeful that we will still be able to find common ground solutions on key issues as the legislative session moves forward. 

Legislative pages

Our state offers students the opportunity to participate in the legislative page program. For one week at a time, teens get to come to Olympia and learn about their state government while distributing amendments and bill books on the floor, delivering messages and mail between offices, and performing the flag ceremony at the start of each day on the floor. Students attend page school to learn about parliamentary procedure and the legislative process. Students also draft their own bills and engage in a mock session.

I was privileged enough to participate in this program when I was in junior high school. Recently, Q13 News interviewed me on my experience and how it has influenced me as a legislator. You can read more here.

So far this session, I have had the joy of sponsoring Carter Olney, a ninth-grader from Puyallup, and Abigail Bowerman, a 10th-grader from Tacoma.


Bill highlights

I would like to share the status of a couple bills I have covered in previous newsletters.

Consumer protection from cheating contractors. Senate Bill 5795 would protect consumers from contractors who perform shoddy work by increasing the bond amount by up to three times the normal amount if the contractor has had one judgment against them involving a single-family residence in the past five years. This bill passed the Senate and has been referred to the House Labor and Workplace Standards Committee.   

Food truck vendors. Senate Bill 5218 would allow food truck vendors who have a valid permit in one jurisdiction to use that permit in another jurisdiction, if they meet certain requirements. This bill would provide some relief to food truck vendors when it comes to the plan-review application process. This is a common-sense bill that would be good for our local economies. The bill passed the Senate unanimously and is scheduled for a hearing on March 15 in the House Local Government Committee.

Meet with your 25th district legislators

Please join Rep. Kelly Chambers, Rep. Chris Gildon and I for our next Coffee and Conversation open house on March 16. As your voices in Olympia, we want to hear from you on the issues that impact you the most, and we look forward to seeing you in person at this informal, drop-in gathering. Note that the location has changed from Hangar Inn Restaurant to the nearby Civil Air Patrol Building at the edge of Thun Field. Here are the details:


Contact Me

As always, I value hearing directly from you. If you would like to contact me, please call, email and again, stop by if you’re in Olympia.

Email: Hans.Zeiger@leg.wa.gov

Phone: (360) 786-7648

Thanks for the privilege of serving as your state senator.

All the best,