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February 10, 2022

Mike Padden

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Our state is blessed with an abundance and variety of natural resources that make it an ideal home for sportsmen and recreational enthusiasts. In 2005 the bipartisan Washington State Sportsmen’s Caucus was formed to help make sure that the interests of anglers, hunters, shooters, boaters, ATV enthusiasts and others are represented in the Legislature and their needs addressed.

Recreational fishing and similar pastimes are undervalued in our state, in terms of promoting tourism and generating economic activity. It is important that we protect and enhance the resources that attract people to the outdoors. That in turn will bring people from all over the country to visit our beautiful state.

Below are a couple of updates about actions I am taking this session to support our sporting and recreational communities.

If you have any questions about anything in this update, or any other issues related to state government, please don’t hesitate to contact my office. We are here to help!

Thank you for the honor of serving as your state senator. 

Best Regards,

Senator Mike Padden

Video Update:

Striking a balance on warmwater fishing


Click on the image above to watch testimony on SB 5826 from outdoors enthusiast and business owner Austin Sandmann.

Last week, the Senate Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks Committee voted to advance Senate Bill 5826, my measure to bring a little balance to the state laws on warmwater fishing.

Warmwater game fish include bass, walleye, and channel catfish. In 2019, the Legislature adopted language pursuant to the Orca Task Force recommendations to loosen catch limits for bass and other warmwater game fish. The Department of Fish and Wildlife followed suit and eliminated catch limits for these warmwater game fish. That action had the desired effect, but now there are fears that this warmwater fishery is suffering. That is impacting a valuable economic interest in our state.

SB 5826 would establish science-based catch limits on warmwater game fish in lakes, ponds and reservoirs. These simple limits will serve to strike a balance between conservation and the economy.

The bill is now in the Rules Committee, the final step before reaching the floor for a vote of the full Senate.

Click here to watch testimony on this bill.

Senate unanimously approves Padden ATV bill


On Wednesday, the Senate voted unanimously to advance our measure clarifying equipment requirements for wheeled all-terrain vehicles.

Senate Bill 5332 is technical in nature and would add a definition of required equipment to the law that covers ORV and WATVs. It got a late start last session and didn’t have time for a final House vote. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get it across the finish line this year.

The idea for this legislation came from a constituent who had difficulty telling which equipment he needed for off-road versus on-road operation of a WATV.

Linda Driscoll, a Polaris dealer who is with the Washington ATV Association, testified in support of the bill.

SB 5332 now goes to the House of Representatives for its consideration.

2A Alert!

10 Round Magazine Ban Legislation Passed Out of the Senate


magazine ban

Last night, the Washington Senate passed an amended version of extreme magazine ban legislation limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds, Senate Bill 5078, by a 28 to 20 vote.  The measure will now be sent to the House of Representatives where it will be referred to a committee for further consideration. Now, more than ever, Second Amendment supporters need to contact their elected officials to let them know where they stand on this measure.

Senate Bill 5078, bans the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, importation, etc., of magazines that “are capable of holding,” or hold more than, 10 rounds of ammunition. This includes conversion kits or parts from which any such magazine may be assembled. These so-called “high capacity” magazines are, in fact, standard equipment for commonly-owned firearms that many Americans constitutionally and effectively use for an entire range of lawful purposes, such as self-defense or competition. 

For example, the Glock 19 was the most commonly purchased firearm of 2021 and has a standard-issue magazine that holds 15 rounds of ammunition. Those who own non-compliant magazines prior to the ban are only allowed to possess them on their own property and in other limited instances, such as at licensed shooting ranges or while hunting.

Prohibited magazines have to be transported unloaded and locked separately from firearms, and must be stored locked at home, making them unavailable for self-defense. Any violation of this measure is a gross misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of 364 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

5 Great Places for ATV Off-Roading in Washington

Discover Washington | Columbian


Getting outdoors into nature means different things for different people. Some are drawn to our forests and natural areas for the silence and tranquility, while others seek thrills and high-speed excitement. Forest trails and rugged terrain are a vast playground for outdoor enthusiasts who love their motorized vehicles. Thankfully there’s enough forest for everyone here in Washington state, with plenty of space for hikers and mountain bikers, equestrians and wildlife watchers, and designated areas for all varieties of off-road vehicles and all-terrain toys.

Click here to read the full story.

In the News:

Salmon Habitat Bill Gets Public Hearing

by Andy Walgamott | Northwest Sportsman


A sweeping if also contentious salmon riparian habitat protection and restoration bill drew support from a regional recreational fishing organization, tribal leaders and others during a hearing in Olympia this morning, but also strong opposition from farmers and some counties.

“Salmon and steelhead are the drivers in our industry; thus we are excited about the ambitious commitments to their recovery,” said Liz Hamilton, executive director of the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association, about House Bill 1838.

Click here to read the full story.

NOTE: While HB 1838 received a hearing in the House Rural Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee last month, the committee did not take action on the bill prior to deadline for bills to advance this session. However, as the saying goes, no bill in Olympia is truly “dead” until a session adjourns for the year. I will keep you updated.

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