Confluence Parkway scheduled for funding in transportation budgets!

Confluence Pkwy

March 29, 2023

Dear Friends and Neighbors

Last year’s legislative session concluded with the approval of a 16-year, $16.9 billion transportation investment plan, known as “Move Ahead Washington.” The long-term plan primarily funded preservation and maintenance of our existing transportation system as well as new, large-scale construction projects. Despite being a 16-year plan with numerous projects funded, the legislation did not include its typical “aged and phased” project list, which itemizes each project’s funding over the duration of the plan.

The primary goal of the House and Senate transportation committees during this year’s legislative session is to schedule each of the projects approved in the 16-year “Move Ahead Washington” plan. Once scheduled in the 2023-25 transportation budget, the projects approved during the 2022 legislative session will be slated to receive their funding appropriations over the next several biennial transportation budgets. The 2022 approved plan combines federal infrastructure funds, climate revenues approved during a previous session, transfers from the operating budget, and license plate and driver license fees to fund the new 16-year investments.

Wenatchee’s Confluence Parkway Project

Confluence Sketch

The proposed Confluence Parkway would provide a much-needed second bridge across the Wenatchee River, a widened pedestrian bridge, and a roadway with a direct connection to the U.S. 97A/US 2 Interchange and Odabashian Bridge. To learn more about this regional transportation project, click here. To learn more about Confluence Parkway’s funding, click this KPQ interview. Click here for full image.


Confluence Pkwy

In 2021, the $134 million Confluence Parkway project received a $49 million federal “Infrastructure for Rebuilding America” (Infra) grant but was $85 million short of funding. The final “Move Ahead Washington” bill included $85 million for “Infra Grant Match.” To learn more about this recent grant, click here and here. The transportation budget proposals would allocate these funds in 2023-25 ($28 million), 2025-27 ($47 million), and 2027-29 ($10 million). Click here for full image.

Move Ahead Washington’s 16-year scheduling

I am pleased to share that the $85 million identified in 2022 for Wenatchee’s Confluence Parkway is now proposed for funding in accordance with the city and stakeholders’ preferred allocation timeline. Securing and scheduling the Confluence Parkway funding is one of my top legislative priorities this session. The House proposal released Monday and the Senate proposal released today are aligned with the governor’s proposed transportation budget for Confluence Parkway. This is terrific news for the project because it not only proposes to fully fund Confluence Parkway, its funding would begin this year.

The proposals would allocate Confluence Parkway’s $85 million over the next three transportation budget cycles: $28 million (2023-25), $47 million (2025-27), and $10 million (2027-29), aligning with both the Governor and Department of Transportation’s suggestions. This proposed funding would allow the City of Wenatchee to fully benefit from the federal grant dollars identified for Confluence Parkway and allow the project to be bid and contracted as one project, streamlining construction and maximizing efficiency.

News Conference

Special thanks to Congresswoman Kim Schrier and our federal representatives for helping to secure important federal funds to match the state funds for Confluence Parkway. Congresswoman Schrier also worked with us during the 2022 legislative session to support state funding. Last fall, federal officials, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, visited Wenatchee to help celebrate.

Cooperation at all levels of government

Achieving full funding of this project has required cooperation at all levels of government. Congratulations to the City of Wenatchee, Link Transit, and Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council for their advocacy in recent years along with their efforts to secure significant INFRA grant funding at the federal level. Thanks also to my House seatmates and local officials for their efforts. I’m proud of our community for working together at multiple levels of government and across political lines to take a step forward toward something so significant. The Wenatchee Valley has a long and proud history of thinking big, working together, and getting things done.

Wenatchee surrounded by mountains and rivers


Wenatchee is a fantastic community but has its geographical challenges, surrounded by mountains and rivers. To view the full aerial image of Wenatchee showing the Confluence Parkway bridge location, click here.

Thank you, Mayor Frank Kuntz!

Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz and city officials past and present have been working for several years to secure funding and complete the Confluence Parkway project. I have worked closely with the city along with several other community organizations and local, state, and federal elected officials. This has been a multi-year process, and I’d like to personally thank the city of Wenatchee for their years of leadership and hard work toward this important project. Mayor Kuntz described Confluence Parkway last year in a guest opinion published in the Wenatchee World, included below. To read Mayor Kuntz’s Confluence Parkway guest opinion online, click here.


Mayor Kuntz and I discuss Confluence Parkway in 2017. The project has been one of the region’s top transportation priorities for over a decade and has received support from many local governments and stakeholders. Thank you to the many local officials and staff who have been dedicated to this project. I would especially like to thank Mayor Kuntz for his tenacity and leadership all these years!

Honored to serve you

My position as State Senator exists to serve you. If you have any questions about transportation issues, state budgets, or other topics, please contact me at Please call our Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 if you need immediate assistance at any time. Be sure to like and follow me on Facebook @SenatorBradHawkins for my latest updates.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your state senator.



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