Thank you, City of Carnation!

Carnation Tie

March 23, 2023

Dear Carnation residents,

As you may know, the 12th Legislative District boundaries recently changed as a result of the 2022 statewide redistricting process. The new district now reaches over the Cascade Mountains into a portion of Snohomish and King counties. The 12th District boundaries now include the Highway 2 communities from Leavenworth to Monroe and portions of the Snoqualmie Valley in King County, primarily North Bend and Carnation. I have been working hard to maintain good communications with the new communities and recently sent information to Carnation. If you didn’t receive the updates or would like them electronically, here is my recent Letter and Insert.

Thankful for helpful discussions

Prior to the 2023 Legislative Session, I was grateful to have a few meaningful opportunities to connect with your city officials, including in remote meetings and in person. These meetings included briefings about Carnation’s legislative priorities. In mid-November of last year, as part of my annual districtwide Listening Tour, I had an extended discussion with your council in its chambers. Your city was also very kind to host one of my legislative session “preview” meetings last December at your city hall with members of your community in attendance. I have learned more about your community with each visit, and I look forward to many more.

Carnation Tour

Last November, I visited Carnation as one of my stops for my annual “Listening Tour.” Other visits included stops in Skykomish, Index, Gold Bar, Sultan, Monroe, and North Bend. During my Carnation stop, I enjoyed a great conversation with the city council, which included a detailed discussion of SR 203 and an alternative pathway through Carnation for freight traffic.

Reviewing Carnation legislative priorities

Most recently, your city administrators and elected officials visited me in Olympia to discuss your 2023 Legislative Priorities. These include both safety and infrastructure topics, including prioritizing funding of behavioral and mental health services, clarifying recent police reform efforts, and supporting your future community space/emergency operations center/municipal facility. The priorities also include making capacity improvements along the congested State Route 202, 203, and 522 corridors along with funding the state’s Public Works Trust Fund.

While transportation improvements in and around Carnation are very important, other infrastructure improvements, such as trails, sidewalks, and broadband access were also discussed. Access to reliable transit services is something that has been emphasized as well. Your city officials also want me to help ensure that the Snoqualmie Valley receives an equitable share of government resources in all areas to give your community equal access to economic development and job creation opportunities. I agree and support all these priorities.

Click on the links below to review these documents:

Thank you to Carnation officials

Your city council and city administrators have been so kind and welcoming to me. This alone says a lot about your community. They are excellent advocates for Carnation, and I will continue to listen to them closely when developing my legislative priorities. Your individual input as Carnation residents is also very important to me, so please reach out to my office if you have any thoughts or concerns about state government. Also, I look forward to many more visits over the coming months and years to your beautiful and welcoming community.

Carnation Leaders

Your City of Carnation officials visited the State Capitol in February as part of the Association of Washington Cities. We discussed a variety of city issues, including transportation, human services, and police reforms. From left to right: Councilmembers Ryan Burrell, Adair Hawkins (no relation), myself, Mayor Jim Ribail, Tim Harris, and Dustin Green.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve

As your new State Senator, please know that your feedback is also especially important to me. If you have thoughts or feedback to share with me, please contact me anytime at If you need immediate assistance at any time, please call our Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000. Please like and follow me on Facebook  @SenatorBradHawkins, for my latest updates.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your state senator.



Brad Hawkins



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12th Legislative District


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