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March 1, 2023

Dear Monroe residents,

As you may know, the 12th District boundaries recently changed to include a portion of Snohomish County, including Monroe. As the new State Senator representing Monroe, many of you have contacted me about the status of widening State Route 522. I recently mailed updates to you regarding this project. If you didn’t receive the updates or would like them electronically, here is my Letter and Insert.

I am very grateful for the communications that I have had with community members and local leaders about the SR 522 project, including multiple conversations with Mayor Geoffrey Thomas and other city officials. While I am new to the SR 522 history, it has been made very clear to me how important completing this project is to your community. As a member of the Senate’s Transportation Committee, please know that I will advocate for this project as one of my top legislative priorities.

SR 522

Completing the State Route 522 project is extremely important. The project will widen 522 between Monroe and Maltby and add an interchange at Paradise Lake Road and Maltby Road. Over $30 million has been appropriated to the project so far, including $10 million in the 2022 “Move Ahead Washington” transportation package. Current activities include design, engineering, and right-of-way acquisition. Construction could cost $180 million or more and is not yet funded.

Status of SR 522 widening project and funding

To provide you an update, the state has appropriated over $30 million so far toward this project, including $10 million in the 2022 “Move Ahead Washington” transportation package. The design includes widening SR 522 between Monroe and Maltby and adding an interchange at Paradise Lake Road and Maltby Road. For efficiency and to improve overall traffic flow, the two elements (widening and interchange) are combined as one project.

Based on my communications with the Washington State Department of Transportation and others, current activities involve design, engineering, and right-of-way acquisition, which includes purchasing properties for the widening and interchange. Once this phase is completed, the project is eligible to advance to its construction phase, which could cost $180 million or more. This portion of the project is not yet funded. Due to the construction cost, this project will not likely be funded in a regular two-year transportation budget and might be included in the next transportation investment package, which is separate from the budgets. These packages are approved approximately every four-to-six years.

Construction funding not yet authorized

With the design and right-of-way work moving ahead but the construction phase not yet funded, it could be some years before final financing is authorized. After a project receives its construction funding, it takes time to complete the plans to bid the project for construction. It may be several years before this project is fully funded in the next transportation plan. The governor’s recently proposed budget, for example, does not include funding to complete the design for SR 522 until the 2033-2035 budget cycle. This timeline is not acceptable to me, and I will be working to prioritize completion of this important project.

Based on many of the questions I have received from my new constituents in your community, I know this is very disappointing, especially to those of you who commute along this section of SR 522. As your state senator, however, I will always be forthright with you about the status of issues affecting our district. Please know that I will advocate for the SR 522 project and prioritize it when the Legislature considers funding opportunities.

Monroe Delegation

Since becoming your new State Senator, I have had multiple discussions with Monroe officials about the SR 522 Project. It has been made clear to me that “Finishing 522” is your area’s number one transportation priority. We also discussed the project during the city’s recent visit to the State Capitol. From left to right: Councilmember Heather Fulcher, Councilmember Tami Kinney, Mayor Geoffrey Thomas, and Councilmember Jason Gamble with me in the Senate chambers.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve

My position as State Senator exists to serve you. If you have any questions about the session about the SR 522 Project or other topics, please contact me at Please call our Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 if you need immediate assistance. Like and follow me on Facebook @SenatorBradHawkins, for my latest updates.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your state senator.



Brad Hawkins



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