Wenatchi Landing sewer extension project moving forward

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May 8, 2020

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As you may recall, the capital budget approved last year by the Legislature included $4 million in funding for the Wenatchi Landing sewer extension project in Douglas County. I was proud to be a sponsor of this project and work alongside Representatives Steele and Goehner to secure funding. The project has an excellent coalition of local supporters, including the Douglas County Commissioners, Douglas County Sewer District Commissioners, Regional Port Authority Commissioners, and many others who worked to secure funds from the state. I am very proud of what we accomplished together.

Sewer extension project getting started

Beyond the funding secured, there is now more good news to share with you. The sewer extension project has recently taken key steps forward. The Douglas County Sewer District recently opened bids for the project, which is anticipated to begin in June and be completed by November. This progress comes at a very important time to our local economy, as many construction companies have been inactive since Governor Inslee imposed a shutdown several weeks ago in an effort to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, this public infrastructure project is authorized as essential work.

The name and spelling of this project, involving an area located north of the Odabashian Bridge in Douglas County, is based on the group of Native Americans who lived years ago near the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers. The project itself, which has been discussed locally and in the planning stages for several years, involves a fully installed road, water line, and sewer extension that could lead to a multitude of regional benefits for responsible housing, commercial development, and recreational space. To view an information sheet about this project, click here.

Wenatchi Landing aerial map

An aerial view showing where the proposed sewer extension would be located.

$4 million in state funding provided

The 2019-21 capital budget provides matching dollars to K-12 public schools, new facilities at state universities and community colleges, and other land and infrastructure projects throughout the state. It is one of the three budgets approved every two years in Washington State. The Wenatchi Landing sewer project estimated to cost $4 million includes an extension of sewer infrastructure along Empire Avenue NW from 29th Street NW toward 35th Street NW outside of East Wenatchee. The state capital budget authorized full funding for this important project.

Wenatchi Landing project

The Wenatchi Landing area, once developed, would provide 283 acres of economic opportunities for multiple purposes in the Douglas County portion of the Wenatchee Valley near the Odabashian Bridge.

Project aims to promote economic development

This project could greatly enhance economic development opportunities and our overall quality of life in the Wenatchee Valley and beyond. A recent economic analysis indicates that for every dollar of public investment made here, a return of anywhere between $9 and $112 will flow back to our area. This is a significant return on investment, which is understood by our local officials. Also, suitable land for development in the valley is becoming increasingly scarce, which is another reason why responsible and coordinated development is so important in the Wenatchi Landing area.

Wenatchi Landing site plan (concept only)

Community support for sewer extension project

Again, many thanks to all of those involved in this effort, including my House seatmates and all of the staff and elected commissioners of Douglas County, Regional Port Authority, and Douglas County Sewer District. The county’s PUD, fire district, park district, and water district have also all been involved.

Below is a list of support letters received from the community:

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