Long-awaited capital budget receives legislative approval

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January 19, 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I’m very pleased to report that lawmakers joined in a bipartisan way last night to approve the long-awaited capital budget for 2017-19. It includes matching funds for K-12 schools, initial funding for Wells Hall at Wenatchee Valley College and support for many other important projects throughout the 12th District.

I worked very hard to advocate for many of the projects that made the 12th District funding list, including the Chelan County Emergency Operations Center, Twisp Civic Building, Icicle Water Project, the Peshastin Wastewater Treatment Plant and others.

Funding for these projects would not have been possible had it not also been for the continuous hard work and advocacy by many stakeholders, including Wenatchee Valley College, Chelan County, City of Twisp, Chelan County PUD, and many other groups. Our area should be very proud of the work we accomplished together in securing funding for these projects.

Passage of the capital budget represents many months and, in some cases, years of hard work. This is a major bipartisan victory, especially so early into the session. While I’m disappointed it took as long as it did, I am very pleased with the outcome for our district.

Click here to view the 12th District Capital Project List or view the information using the interactive map at the website below.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your 12th District state senator.


Brad Hawkins

w-Sen. Wellman

Click here for the text of the capital budget and related documents. To see details of the capital budget appropriations for our district, visit fiscal.wa.gov and follow these steps:

a)      Choose "Capital Budget - new" in the Interactive Reports and Maps section

b)      Select "Project Detail Report" (far right, under the dark menu bar)

c)      In the “Group by” drop-down field, choose "Legislative District"

d)      In the “List” drop-down select "12th Legislative District"

e)      Click the "View Report" button (at right)

f)       Click the small box left of “12th Legislative District” (in blue bar) to expand the list

-- Each item is a link to information about that specific project

For a map view, follow these steps:

a)      At fiscal.wa.gov choose "Capital Budget - new" in the Interactive Reports and Maps section

b)      Click on “Maps” in the dark menu bar

c)      In the “Leg Districts” drop-down field, select “012” for the 12th District

d)      Placing the cursor over a project location will pop up information about that project (below is an example of how the locations are designated)

12th Legislative District
2017-19 Capital Budget Projects

cap budget map

My first bill signed into law (HB 2058 in 2013) directed the state to display Transportation and Capital Budget projects, by legislative district, in a user-friendly online map. Transparency in government is always helpful. I hope you find this information helpful.

State Senator Brad Hawkins
12th Legislative District
E-mail: brad.hawkins@leg.wa.gov 

Website: senatorbradhawkins.org

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