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Dear Friends,

Last week was one of the busiest of the session, with several days and nights spent debating and voting on legislation.

I was happy that two bills that I have worked on for several years both received unanimous Senate support and are now in the House of Representatives. (You can read more about these bills below.)

Unfortunately, the majority party also pushed through several bills that would erode your Second Amendment rights, raise your taxes, make our communities less safe and weave critical race theory and political correctness throughout every institution in the state -- from higher education to medicine.

The most disturbing trend we saw last week was the majority's war on law enforcement. After hours of debate, the Senate passed SB 5051 to consolidate, in one agency, the power to revoke certification from any officer from any department.

Passing Senate Bill 5051 is that first step in losing control of our local police agencies, and unfairly going after the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line for all of us.

SB 5066, which also passed the Senate, addresses police officers’ duty to intervene and report when they witness wrongdoing committed by their colleagues. Unfortunately this confusing and vague bill is more likely to just cause disorder and mistrust among law enforcement colleagues, than simply call out bad apples. 

These are just a couple of the many bills aimed at police this session. What are your thoughts on this assault on law enforcement? I would love to hear your views on this issue.

Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to serve you in the state Senate.


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Sharon Brown
State Senator
8th District

This Week's Video Update:

Confidential tip line approved in unanimous Senate vote 

Legislative Review YES

Click on the image above to watch TVW Legislative Review coverage of the floor debate on the YES program to create a confidential youth safety tip line.

Legislative Update:

Senate unanimously passes  confidential youth-safety and well-being tip line


On Thursday, the Senate unanimously approved our bill to implement the Youth Empowered to Speak-up (YES) program statewide. Second Substitute Senate Bill 5327 would create a tip-line mobile app to allow students to confidentially report potential self-harm or criminal activities directed at schools, students or school employees.

Click here to read my press release on the passage of the bill.

Click here to listen to an audio story on the bill.

Legislative Update:

Industry-siting program moves to House of Representatives

Legislative Review

On Friday, the Senate voted 47-0 to approve our legislation to establish an innovative statewide industrial-siting coordination program.

Industrial symbiosis addresses critical needs – the need of industrial business to reduce costs and increase profitability, and the public need to improve environmental performance.

It’s a smart way to bring industry and environmentalists together. Their concerns don’t have to be in conflict; as we have seen in Denmark, where this idea originated, we can bring both sides together if we do the work.

Senate Bill 5345 would establish a statewide industrial waste-coordination program based on the highly successful model of Denmark’s Kalundborg Eco-Industrial Park. It is perhaps the world’s best example of an industrial-symbiosis network – a cooperative environment in which companies use each other’s by-products and otherwise share resources to both save money and improve the environment.

I’m pleased to see that this novel idea continues to garner broad, bipartisan support in the Senate.

Click here to read my press release on this bill.

In the News:

Police reform bill passes Senate

By Angelica Relente, CB Herald | March 1, 2021

SB 5051 is one of the many police reform bills introduced at the beginning of Washington’s legislative session. The bill passed in a 26-19 vote after three hours of debate and will move to the respective House committee for further deliberation.

SB 5051 would, among other things, overhaul the state Criminal Justice Training Commission by adjusting its priorities and membership requirements, according to the bill’s text.

...Sen. Sharon Brown, R-Kennewick, had an amendment that would include a referendum clause in SB 5051 — it was not adopted. Brown said during the virtual floor debate her amendment would ensure people’s voices were heard.

“This bill really goes above and beyond what the people are looking for when it comes to reform,” Brown said.

Click here to read the full article.


Editorial coverage of capital gains income tax proposals

By Jason Mercier, WPC  |  Feb 28, 2021

WPC Income Tax

Despite the state budget being balanced, revenues currently projected to increase by more than 7% and a preliminary economic report showing the possibility for a big revenue jump at the March 17 forecast, an income tax on capital gains proposal (SB 5096) is moving in the Senate. SB 5096 currently sits in the Rules Committee and could be pulled to the floor for a vote by the full Senate at any time. This rushed effort to impose a constitutionally suspect income tax has caught the public’s attention. Here is some of the editorial and other news coverage from the past week:

  • Don’t be fooled. WA Dems are using the backdoor to slip us an income tax – Tri-City Herald editorial: “State Democrats once again are trying to slip an income tax plan through the backdoor and this time they think they have the votes to do it. What’s even more upsetting is that they have declared Senate Bill 5096 an emergency even though it’s not. But adding an emergency clause to the bill means it would take effect right away, and citizens wouldn’t be allowed to launch a referendum campaign to overturn it if it’s approved. This is a clear abuse of power and taxpayers should be outraged.”

Click here to read the full blog post and list of editorials warning against the income tax on capital gains.

From the District:

Virtual THseatmates

It has never been harder for citizens to make their voices heard than it is this year. With the legislative buildings closed to the public, we legislators need to hear directly from the men and women we represent as much as possible. 

That's why I'm hosting, along with my seatmates Reps. Brad Klippert and Matt Boehnke, an 8th District Virtual Town Hall on Saturday, March 20 starting at 2 p.m.

During this hour-long event, we will discuss reopening our businesses and schools, tax proposals, policing, energy and support for mental and behavioral health. We'll also take your questions on a wide range of issues important to you and your family.

Residents of the 8th District who would like to take part should register early. Hope to see you there!

Click here to register now!

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PLEASE NOTE: Any email or documents you provide to this office may be subject to disclosure under RCW 42.56. If you would prefer to communicate by phone, please contact Sen. Brown's office at (360) 786-7614.

March 1, 2021

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