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April 10, 2024



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6 Boehnke bills signed into law


OLYMPIA… In a remarkable feat of legislative prowess, Senator Matt Boehnke, R-Kennewick, saw six of his bills signed into law by Governor Inslee in March. This achievement, the highest number of bills he’s successfully passed since his tenure in the legislature began in 2019, is a testament to his dedication and effectiveness in governance. Of the 28 bills he introduced or carried over from the 2023 session, he deems these six a solid start for 2024, underscoring his commitment to effective governance.

"With each of the six bills now becoming law, I am reminded of the responsibility and trust bestowed upon me by the people of our great state,” Boehnke said. “This milestone transcends legislative success; it's a testament to the collective efforts of my colleagues, staff, and the community, whose unwavering support and collaboration have been pivotal.”

In mid-March, Inslee signed three of Boehnke’s bills. ESB 6296 creates a retail workforce by creating a retail industry workgroup to identify and recommend four colleges to pilot micro-term and short-term credentials for the retail workforce.

SB 6079 makes juvenile detention records available to managed care organizations and behavioral health administrative services organizations for care coordination activities. SB 6080 simplifies the funding provisions of the statewide tourism marketing account by removing the requirement that deposits to the account may only occur if the Legislature authorizes them.

“I extend gratitude to everyone involved in this team effort. This is a clear sign of our shared commitment to making a significant difference and improving the lives of our constituents," Boehnke said. “Each bill, from enhancing our retail workforce to improving juvenile care coordination and simplifying tourism funding, is a step forward in making our state a better place for all its residents.”

Over the final three days of March, Inslee signed his last three bills, culminating in a successful session for the first-term Senator. ESSB 5891 protects the safety and security of students and maintains order within school buses by designating trespassing on a school bus as a criminal offense. E2SSB 6068 expands the ability of courts to work with the DOC to collect and report more data about foster kids’ adoption and reunification rates. Boehnke’s last bill, 2SSB 5660, directs the Washington State Health Care Authority to convene a workgroup to create recommendations for effectively implementing mental health advance directives. These directives declare a person’s preferences regarding behavioral health treatment in the event they are incapacitated due to their behavioral health disorder.

"I am deeply grateful for the collaboration and support that led to the success of these initiatives. These laws are not just legislative victories; they reflect our shared values and dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of Washingtonians,” Boehnke said. “I extend my heartfelt Thanks to everyone involved in bringing these important pieces of legislation to fruition. Your support and collaboration have been invaluable.”