House Republican operating budget proposal

2021 legislative session • February 19, 2021

Washington State House Republicans

Dear Friend:

The House Republicans promised to provide real solutions this legislative session. And we are delivering on that promise. 

We were the first caucus to release a COVID-19 relief package. When Democrats offered a smaller, more limited relief package, House Republicans attempted to enhance the bill through various amendments. We also tried to improve an unemployment insurance measure that, while it will do some good things, did not go far enough to help struggling small businesses. 

Operating budget proposal 

But what House Republicans are most proud of is the operating budget proposal we released at a news conference on Tuesday. This framework would provide more COVID-19 relief, fund other important state priorities, make some common-sense reductions in spending, and not cut any vital services.

Our proposal would not raise taxes on any individual, family or business. In contrast, the majority party is considering several proposals that would make life more expensive for Washingtonians. As this recent PEW story reveals, Washington state tax collections have remained strong over the last year -- unlike many other states. 

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More transparency for the budget process 

Our work on this issue began last summer, when we were calling and preparing for a special session that never happened. Led by Rep. Drew Stokesbary, our proposal represents a lot of time, careful consideration, and thoughtful decisions. You can explore the details here

House Republicans also showed that an operating budget can be developed far earlier in the legislative session than what state lawmakers have come to accept. When done this way, it offers more transparency and opportunity for all state lawmakers, stakeholders, and the public to be a part of the legislative process.    

Finally, our framework shows how the minority party would govern if given the opportunity. And it reveals our priorities for all to see. Please stay tuned for the debates ahead. 

Bill watch 

Several bad bills are being considered by the Legislature. And House Republicans are fighting against them every step of the way. While this is not a comprehensive list, it does highlight some of the legislation we are monitoring closely: 

  • House Bill 1496 would create a new income tax on capital gains. 
  • House Bill 1091 would increase fuel costs by regulating the carbon intensity of transportation fuels (low-carbon fuel standard mandate). 
  • House Bill 1084 would restrict energy choice and increase energy costs by restricting natural gas use in homes and commercial buildings.
  • House Bill 1285 would weaponize the tax code by increasing the business taxes on fruit and vegetable processors if they incur a single adjudicated labor-related complaint.
  • House Bill 1499 would decriminalize the possession of drugs and expand substance abuse services and training for law enforcement.
  • House Bill 1054 would severely limit the training, tactics and equipment law enforcement can use. 


Rep. J.T. Wilcox
House Republican Leader
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