KT Rider Alert: Worker/Driver Program Courtesy

Kitsap Transit Rider Alerts

Kitsap Transit endeavors to give each passenger a safe and comfortable ride with courtesy. Many passengers ride the same route every weekday. We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of some basic courtesies while riding a Worker/Driver bus:

  • Please make it possible for other passengers to sit down quickly and safely- We all like to have our own personal space, but please do not take the seat next to you with your personal items when other passengers are searching for a seat. Share the bus! The more people riding the bus the fewer driving their own cars on the road creating traffic jams.

  • Please only bring drinks on the bus that have secure lids-Most spills are completely avoidable. Liquids on the floor make for a slip hazard!

  • Pack it in, pack it out-Just like the National Park System, Kitsap Transit’s Worker/Driver Program depends on you to keep our buses clean. Take your trash with you.

Thank you for your consideration and for participating in the Kitsap Transit Worker/Driver Program.