KT Rider Alert: Winter Weather Advisory - Be Prepared for Snow Next Week!

Kitsap Transit Rider Alerts

Winter Weather Advisory
Be Prepared for Snow Next Week!

Based on weather forecasts, Kitsap Transit is anticipating snow next week. If road conditions become potentially unsafe for our operations, we may activate our Extreme Weather Plan.

If we activate our Extreme Weather Plan, our goal is to communicate bus-service disruptions or changes one hour before they go into effect. We plan to make bus-service changes at regular intervals -- 9 AM, Noon, 3 PM and 7 PM -- to give our customers time to plan accordingly. If needed, we plan to communicate before 9 PM the status of the next day's morning (4 AM to 9 AM) bus service, based on the best forecasts we have available.

There are two things you can do now to stay informed:

Download the Kitsap Transit Tracker mobile app for real-time location of our buses and ferries in service, or bookmark the live map in your web browser.

Kitsap Transit Tracker icon

Bookmark kitsaptransit.com/weather for quick access to our Snow & Extreme Weather webpage, where we will regularly update our Current Status table and Next Service Change table during extreme weather.

At the top of the Current Status table are short summaries of impacts, if any, to our Ferry, Routed, Worker/Driver, ACCESS and Dial-A-Ride services. 

If road conditions become unsafe, your Kitsap Transit bus may deviate from its Normal route and instead operate on a Modified route (formerly known as a Snow route).

We've added icons (see image at right) to our tables for ease of understanding: Green check (Normal), Yellow exclamation mark (Modified) and Red X mark (Cancelled). 

If we need to communicate more information about a route, that will appear in the footnotes below the status tables. Look for the footnote if there's a red flag icon next to your route.

route status icons

Links to route schedules and maps in our Current Status dashboard will automatically update if we plan to switch to Modified routes. If you want to look up your bus route's Modified route before extreme weather hits, select the route from the Route Finder on our home page and a link to the Snow Route is displayed above the schedule.

If we activate our Emergency Service plan, buses will operate only on main roads and will not follow a schedule, and the statuses of the routes in our dashboard will change to Cancelled. To see a map of where our buses will operate under the Emergency Service plan, CLICK HERE.

Kitsap Transit learned a lot from the Seattle "Snowmageddon" of 2019 and has incorporated the helpful feedback in our redesigned Snow & Extreme Weather page. Let us know what you think.

Encourage your fellow riders and friends to subscribe to rider alerts via e-mail or text message; CLICK HERE to sign up. Be prepared and stay safe!