South Kitsap Q'2 2023 Newsletter

South Kitsap Newsletter

South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter

    South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter


    Dear District 2 Residents,

    It is an honor to represent you as your District 2 (South Kitsap) County Commissioner. It’s been a busy 2023 and I look forward to re-invigorating this quarterly newsletter, as well as introducing a brief, weekly update to keep you apprised of my activities advocating for the needs of South Kitsap.

    Through this newsletter, I look forward to sharing important information, upcoming events, and opportunities for you to become involved.

    South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter

    I also look forward to welcoming State Senator Christine Rolfes, Bainbridge Island to the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners. when she is sworn in on June 20th.

    Christine began her professional career as an intern in Kitsap County's Department of Community Development and has served the past 17 years in the state legislature. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insights regarding state resources and has shown a commitment to our communities during her time in Olympia.

    South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter


    The Port of Manchester has served the residents of our community in a variety of ways for almost a century. Today, visitors can enjoy a picnic on the sandy beach with an amazing view of Seattle and Mt. Rainier, paddle to nearby Blake Island State Park, or simply enjoy the vistas and local establishments. The Port also has two floating docks for short-term moorage and offers free public parking. Visit Port of Manchester to learn more.

    Saturday, June 17 Celebrate Juneteenth

    Kitsap County commemorates Juneteenth National Freedom Day and encourages all to participate in the local celebrations.

    The People's March starts at 10:00 am at the Norm Dicks Government Center (5th Street stairs) in Bremerton. The Freedom Festival follows from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm at Bremerton's Evergreen Rotary Park.

    Central Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter

    Kitsap 2044 - Comprehensive Plan & CAO Updates

    Central Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter

    Your voice is vital as we continue to plan for the next 20 years through our 2044 Comprehensive Plan Update. I encourage you to reach out to our team with your ideas, concerns, and feedback as we plan for our future. 

    You can sign up to receive text or email notifications, including project announcements, information about outreach events, surveys, and other public participation opportunities. Select “Comprehensive Plan Announcements” from the list of topics.

    Send an email to and let us know what you think - or if you would like the Comprehensive Plan team to give a presentation to your organization.

    South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter

    In accordance with the Growth Management Act (GMA), Kitsap County is conducting a 2024 periodic update of our Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO). The Kitsap CAO Ordinance was last reviewed in 2017 and is being updated in conjunction with the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update, with adoption planned in June of 2024.

    Five types of critical areas will be reviewed and updated, and include:

    1. Wetlands
    2. Areas with a critical recharging effect on aquifers used for potable water
    3. Fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas
    4. Frequently flooded areas
    5. Geologically hazardous area

    To learn more, view the County's CAO webpage.

    HB 1181 makes sure we’re planning for a climate resilient future. 

    The hard work of Representative Davina Duerr (Bothell) and a host of advocates pushed through a climate bill, HB 1181, that requires all comprehensive plans to include a climate change and resiliency component showing how jurisdictions will create the green, accessible infrastructure needed to respond to our warming planet. The plans must specifically look at greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, the region’s largest contributor to climate change. 

    Manchester Community Advisory Council (MCAC)

    Manchester Stormwater Park

    The Manchester Community Advisory Council (MCAC) provides a discussion forum for community interests and issues.

    The MCAC meets monthly at the library, and enhances communication between Manchester-area residents and Kitsap County government.

    To learn more visit the Manchester Community Advisory Council.

    South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter

    Many in our community struggle to find housing they can afford as the costs surge throughout the Puget Sound region and as prices rise, creative shared housing solutions have appeared. Kitsap County closed on purchase of the former Olympic Fitness Club building April 14, 2022 to create new emergency housing and provide local funding for homeless and affordable housing projects.

    Visit Kitsap County's Housing and Homelessness Division webpage to learn more about the project, including answers to frequently asked questions. You can also watch my Commissioner's Corner to hear interviews with individuals who sought assistance through the Kitsap Rescue Mission and describe the causes and circumstances surrounding their personal experience with being homeless. I also discuss the Pacific Building Shelter Project and the services it provides for the South Kitsap area.

    Howe Farm Park

    South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter

    The 83-acre Howe Farm County Park, at Long Lake Road and Mile Hill Drive, features a historic farm, walking trails and an area for off-leash dog exercise. It features historic barns, aging fruit trees, agricultural fields and wildlife habitat. Salmonberry Creek runs across the property.

    In 2016, I shepherded the effort to create a victory garden for veterans. "A lot of times veterans, especially those who have some trauma in their life, react really, really well to the calmness of gardening and spending time with others who may have PTSD. It's important for people to come back to their own community (after serving) and regain their own sense of balance and peace."

    Get out and enjoy the summer!

    On May 2014, the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails was designated by the US Department of Interior part of the National Water Trails System, the first in Washington State and the only natural, saltwater trail in the USA.Rather than being a "single" trail the KPNWT is divided into 12 segments, allowing the complete trail to be paddled over a period of time.  

    Today, the 371 miles of shoreline that encompass the KPNWT is a major attraction for a variety of water-related activities – kayaking, paddle boards, boating, scuba diving, fishing, wildlife viewing and leisure strolls along public piers and beaches.  

    South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter


    Here are just a few opportunities to engage in our South Kitsap community!

    Adopt-A-Spot Volunteer to clean up litter in your neighborhood. Adopt a road, beach, or trail!

    Kitsap Regional Library Summer Learning Self-paced reading and learning experiences for ALL ages!

    Kitsap Parks Visit the webpage to learn more about County Parks and ways to volunteer this summer.

    South Kitsap Q2 2023 Newsletter

    Art contest offers a way to show your LOVE for Kitsap County!

    K-12 students have the opportunity to create artwork for the 2024 “Counties Matter” calendar! For details visit I Love My County Because Art Contest (

    Send a copy of your entry to for a chance to be showcased in a future Newsletter.

    Connect with the County

    The Commissioner’s Office public service counter is open 8am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday. For questions or appointments please email or call 360.337.7080.

    For County service or questions email or call 360.337.5777.