2018 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Amendment Remand

2018 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Amendment Remand

Kitsap County Department of Community Development

Project Message #9                                                                         November 8, 2019

The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners is now considering an ordinance to resolve an appeal of a 2018 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan amendment. That amendment adjusted the southeast boundary of the George’s Corner Limited Area of More Intensive Development (LAMIRD), which is located in North Kitsap around the intersection of SR-104 and Miller Bay Rd.

Final Decision Scheduled for November 25, 2019

The Board is scheduled to make a final decision regarding this ordinance on November 25, 2019 at 5:30pm in their Chambers (3rd Floor, County Administration Building, 619 Division St, Port Orchard).  The proposed ordinance would retract only the portion of the LAMIRD that had been expanded in 2018 and would not reverse the prior retraction along the southern boundary of the LAMIRD that occurred in 2018.  Based on public comments received, the Department of Community Development is proposing an alternative ordinance that would repeal the changes made in 2018 and return the LAMIRD and zoning boundaries to what existed prior to the 2018 amendment. 

LEARN MORE & ENGAGE!  Visit our Online Open House (http://tinyurl.com/kitsap2018cpa) for more information about this ordinance and find relevant documents to review.  Relevant documents can also be viewed at the Department of Community Development Permit Center (619 Division St, Port Orchard).

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What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan describes the 20-year vision for unincorporated Kitsap County and how that vision will be achieved.  The plan covers land use, economic development, environment, housing and human services, transportation, capital facilities and utilities as well as parks, recreation, and open space.  The Comprehensive Plan is mandated by the Washington State Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A).

How often does the Comprehensive Plan get changed?

Major Comprehensive Plan updates are mandated by the state every 8-years. The last major update of the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2016.  Between major updates, the County may choose to consider minor amendments to the Comprehensive Plan on an annual basis.  Other amendments, such as to resolve an appeal, can be processed at any time. 



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