Christmas tree recycling and holiday recycling guide

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Christmas Treecycling

Drop-off sites and pickup fundraisers across Kitsap

Christmas tree drop-off sites recycle unflocked trees. The a

Tree Recycling Sites

Did you know? Washington is sixth in the nation for Christmas tree production, and Kitsap County is among the four highest tree-producing counties in Washington! Real trees support our local economy and are easy to recycle into mulch and soil products.

Christmas tree with gold decoration

Holiday Recycling Guide

Help your family and guests recycle correctly this holiday season!

Hang the recycling guide in your home so your out-of-town guests know what we recycle here in Kitsap.

And check the list below (check it twice) to learn which packaging and holiday items make the nice list for recycling.

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Gift wrap

See eco-friendly wrapping ideas.

Some wrapping paper is recyclable-- all of it is reusable.

Recycle: Non-shiny paper gift wrap, paper holiday cards. Keep gift wrap flat-- don't ball it up.

Garbage: Glossy/shiny gift bags, glossy/shiny paper or foil gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, foil/non-paper holiday cards.

Compost: Tissue paper. Remove every bit of tape first.

Extra cardboard

Drop-Off. Bring flattened cardboard that won't fit in your curbside recycling cart to a recycling facility.

Don't leave it outside your cart-- wet cardboard is not recyclable.

Plastic packaging

Garbage. Only four shapes of plastic can go in the recycling bin: bottles, jugs, jars, and dairy tubs.

Plastic packaging from toys, appliances, and other products is not recyclable-- even if it has a recycling symbol.


Garbage: Padded envelopes, bubble mailers. 

Recycle: Plain paper envelopes.

Drop-Off: Recycle plastic shipping envelopes in the plastic bag bin at the grocery store. Remove labels first.

Put in your garbage if you can't recycle them.

Holiday string lights

Drop-Off. Take to a seasonal or year-round string light recycling site.

Put in your garbage if you can't recycle them.

Styrofoam blocks, packing peanuts

Drop-Off. Not recyclable in your recycling bin or at county waste facilities.

Take to a year-round recycling site or bring to the Styro-Roundup collection event on Dec. 29 at the county fairgrounds.

Put in your garbage if you can't recycle them.

Bubble wrap, air pillows

Drop-Off. Not recyclable in your recycling bin or at county waste facilities.

Reuse them, ask a local shipping store if they'll reuse them, or recycle them in the plastic bag bin at the grocery store (pop air pillows first).

Put in your garbage if you can't recycle them.

Flocked trees

Garbage. Bring real trees covered with flocking to a disposal facility or add small pieces to your garbage weekly until it's gone.

Have other items you're not sure what to do with?

Visit and type your item into the search bar.