New requirements for building permits supplied with well water.

New Requirements for Building Permits Supplied with Well Water

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The Department of Community Development



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(Port Orchard, WA)- On January 19, 2018 Governor Jay Inslee signed into law new legislation affecting how counties manage development supported by water right permit-exempt wells.  These changes primarily affect how the Kitsap County Department of Community Development (DCD) reviews and approves new building permits relying on water for domestic use from a permit-exempt well approved after the legislation was signed.  The new law requires DCD to collect a $500 fee for each of these building permits and for applicants to record a notice to title setting new limitations for groundwater withdrawal.   

New requirements:

  • Effective immediately Kitsap County will collect a one-time $500 fee from applicants for a building permit that proposes a new withdrawal from a water right permit-exempt well approved after Jan. 19, 2018 – of this fee $350 will go to the Department of Ecology, and $150 will be used for Kitsap County to administer this program
  • Domestic water use from a new water right permit-exempt well is limited to a maximum annual average withdrawal of 950 gallons per day, per connection, with an overall limit for all connections subject to the existing 5,000 gallons per day limit.
  • Stormwater must be managed on site to the extent practicable using low impact development. Following the County’s stormwater rules will satisfy this requirement.
  • If a Drought Emergency Order is issued for the area by the state Department of Ecology, domestic water may be further curtailed by Ecology to 350 gallons per day per connection for indoor use only
  • Building permit applicants will need to record this water volume limitation and drought condition restrictions on the title of the subject property before the permit is issued.

Kitsap County building permit applicants are already required to provide evidence of an adequate water supply for the intended use of the proposed development/building, subject to the new requirements above. Evidence may be in the form of:

  • A water right permit from the Department of Ecology
  • A letter from an approved water purveyor stating the ability to provide water, or
  • Another form sufficient to verify the existence or an adequate water supply

Building permits issued for structures requiring water for domestic use that are served by water purveyors, municipal utilities or water right permit-exempt wells in existence prior to Jan. 19 2018 are exempt from the new fee, requirements and limitations.

For questions, or to see if the new regulations will affect your project/development, please call (360) 337-5777.