PSERN Bulletin | March 2019


Are You Getting New Radios?

Without a radio inventory, the PSERN Project will be unable to replace your agency's radios. Your radio inventory must be submitted to by close of business March 29, 2019.

Contact the PSERN Outreach staff for any questions.

  • Call: 206-47-PSERN / 206-477-7376
  • Email:  

Also, visit the PSERN website to see the standard features and functions list for radios currently approved for replacement. When working on your agency radio inventory, keep in mind the following:

  • Radios will only be exchanged if they are active in the system.
  • Every active radio equals a monthly cost to your agency.
  • End of life consideration.
    • Radios exchanged for radio deployment are free to the agency but agencies should consider replacement cost at end of life. (Consider 10 years after purchase.)

Have You Attended a Dispatch Center Town Hall?

Dispatch centers are part of the top priority for the PSERN system this year. The transition from the old King County Emergency Radio Communication System (KCERS) to PSERN marks a major milestone in the project. 

We are happy to say that equipment installation has begun for transition which has an estimated completion of October 2019*. This is a complicated process and requires extensive planning between PSERN and Dispatch Center staff. 

To keep all parties well informed we are holding monthly Town Hall Meetings. Please join us for our next Town Hall. 

The next Town Hall is scheduled for: March 20, 2019

Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm

Location: King County Elections - Alvine Room 

*Dates are subject to change. 

Is the Radio Communications Equipment in Your Building Affected by PSERN?

Since February of this year, the PSERN staff have been working in conjunction with the consultant group, Odelia Pacific (OPC), to update and complete the Bi-Directional Antenna (BDA) Database for King County. 

The purpose of a BDA (part of the distributed Antenna system or DAS) systems is to provide coverage for first responders when they attend to an emergency inside of a building. BDA's pull radio signal from "the street" and then the DAS distributes them throughout a building-- a signal boost. Compiling a comprehensive database of all public safety in-building BDA systems in King County is a major body of work, but a valuable one that ensures building owners know to transition to the new PSERN system on time which keeps our first responders safer when working inside your building. 

How does this affect you? Starting now and continuing into the spring, PSERN and OPC will be reaching out to all building owners with a BDA/DAS system in King County, to gather data, compile all relevant information to complete our database, and to notify you regarding any updates needed for your systems. You can visit the PSERN website for more information. 

Project Schedule

  • Countywide radio inventory to be completed by March 29, 2019
  • End-User Radio Training-- more information to come in the spring of 2019
  • Dispatch Console Training from June 2019* -- September 2019*
  • System Optimization and Coverage Testing to be completed in September 2020* 
  • Deployment of radios to users from December 2020* -- September 2021*

*Dates are subject to change

Contact Us

If you would like to request more information about this project, or would like an in-person presentation for your organization, please contact the PSERN team via the information below. Please include your name, title, organization, and the best way to contact you. Someone will return your inquiry within one business day.


For general information about the PSERN Project: 



For any questions about the project or its staff:

Call: 206-47-PSERN / 206-477-7376



For questions about how your distributed antenna systems (DAS) and/or Bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) will be affected by PSERN contact: