Water Taxis in Service on Monday, January 20

This coming Monday, January 21, both the West Seattle and Vashon Island Water Taxis will be in service on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The Vashon route will be operating its normal commuter schedule and the West Seattle route will be operating its enhanced SR-99 closure schedule.  Please check the King County Water Taxi website for scheduled departure times. https://kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/water-taxi.aspx

Expanded service during the SR 99 closure will remain through March 27: the West Seattle Water Taxi expanded service has departures every 20 minutes during peak commute times and is offering midday service. There is still a lot of capacity on each and every sailing, plus room on free shuttle routes 773 and 775, room on Ride2 on-demand shuttles, and 100 - 200 free spaces still available daily at the Pier 2 parking lot across from 7-Eleven on Harbor Avenue. Vessels depart the dock at the departure time, so riders are advised to allow time to board the vessel


So far, so good: We appreciate everything that customers are doing to adjust how and when they travel and ask you to please keep up the effort. We have two more weeks of potentially difficult commutes ahead of us. Consider using the services we’ve offered and thanks again for riding!


Key links

Water taxi services during SR 99 closure

Brochure with updated sailing and shuttle times and parking highlights

(Note: We revised the weekday Pier 52 departure time for the West Seattle to 5 p.m. in order to accommodate other departures at the dock.)